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Ed Breen <Ed.Breen@Altavista.net>
21 Apr 1998 00:34:43 -0400

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EiC C interpreter Ed.Breen@Altavista.net (Ed Breen) (1998-04-21)
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From: Ed Breen <Ed.Breen@Altavista.net>
Newsgroups: comp.lang.c,comp.compilers
Date: 21 Apr 1998 00:34:43 -0400
Organization: eic_free@geocities.com
Keywords: C, interpreter, available


This is to announce the release of EiC version 3.6, which is released
under the Artistic licence, which means its source code is freely

EiC is a pointer-safe, bytecode C interpreter, which has three main
modes of operation: (1) interactive mode - via immediate statements -
(2) non-interactive mode and (3) scripting mode - for
running shell scripts. Because each mode uses the C programming
language, it provides a seamless way of moving from one programming
task to another.

Its banner-free, cookie-free, website is:


A short summary of EiC can be viewed via


Pre-compiled binaries for the following platforms:

                Linux (elf)
                SUN SPARC SOLARIS 2.x
                SUN OS 4.1.x
                DEC ALPHA OSF 3.x and 4.x
                SGI IRIX 6.x

Changes from 3.5 to 3.6

            *** added module `xv', which
                    provides a primative interface
                    to xv.
                * Fixed bug in EiC's test-module
                * Documentation updated to reflect
                    EiC's internet programming facility.
                * if EiC is installed in /usr/local
                    then the environmental variable
                    HOMEofEiC does not need to be
            *** added the command line switch '-e'.
                    It is used to for debugging CGI scripts.
                    See documentation for details.
                * fixed bug with fgetc not returning
                    the next character as an unsigned char
                    converted to an int
                * fixed bug with EiC core dumping when
                    the environmental variable HOMEofEiC is
                    not defined

All the best

Ed. Breen
Email: Ed.Breen@Altavista.net
URL: http://www.geocities.com/~eic_free

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