Compiler positions available for week ending April 12
13 Apr 1998 00:52:27 -0400

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Compiler positions available for week ending April 12 (1998-04-13)
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Date: 13 Apr 1998 00:52:27 -0400
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From: Sassan Hazeghi <>
Subject: C++ Compiler Development Opportunities at HP's Compiler Lab

We have a couple of open positions in our C++ compiler team and are
looking for strong candidates with a good understanding of the C++
runtime model and performance issues.

The areas that we cover include efficient compilation of C++, static,
dynamic and profile based optimizations and benchmarking/performance
analysis and characterization of large C++ applications.

This is an opportunity to work with a great team on a leading
technology system and to participate in developing a compiler that can
help set the performance standard for OO languages.

If interested, please contact <>.


Sassan Hazeghi
Voice: +1-408-447-5007


From: Jennifer Thompson <>
Subject: Software Engineers Wanted at Xinotech, Minneapolis
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 10:27:14 -0500

Software Engineers Needed

Software Professionals needed to assist with the design and development
of a plan-based, metalanguage -driven, interactive, integrated
reengineering environment that supports automatic program

Qualifications include high quality design and/ or programming skills,
interest or background in the design and implementation of interactive
programming environments: metalanguages, compiler construction, data
flow analysis, automatic program transformation, incremental semantic
evaluation, incremental or parallel evaluation of logic constraint
languages (e.g. prolog), graphical programming tools, reengineering, or
user interfaces (e.g. MOtif, Windows 4.0).

Xinotech offers a casual environment, flexible hours, and a competitive
salary and benefits.

For more information, please see our web site at Then
send your sesume to the address below.

Jenna Thompson | phone: (612) 379-3844
Xinotech Research | fax: (612) 379-3833
Human Resources Representative/ | e-mail:
  Project Coordinator | home page:
Technology Center, Suite 213 |
1313 5th Street SE |
Minneapolis, MN 55414 |


From: Norman Ramsey <>
Subject: Compiler Infrastructure Project Seeking Research Scientist
Date: 8 Apr 1998 01:39:36 GMT
Organization: University of Virginia Computer Science

            Compiler Infrastructure Project Seeking Research Scientist

The Zephyr project at the University of Virginia wants to hire a
Research Scientist to help with the construction of retargetable
compilers and retargeting tools. These compilers and tools will be
part of a National Compiler Infrastructure that we expect to be used
heavily by compiler writers around the country. More information
about the project as a whole is available at

Our particular focus is on optimization and retargetable back ends.
Our retargeting strategy is to write formal descriptions of the
properties of a target machine, then use those descriptions to
generate the machine-dependent parts of the compiler. We want help

          * Compiler hacking and documentation thereof. Our compilers are
              written in C.
          * Writing machine descriptions. We're currently developing the
              machine-description formalism, and there are still plenty of
              opportunities to influence the design.
          * Building the tools that read descriptions and generate compiler
              parts. We're writing these tools in Standard ML, which is much
              more fun for writing compilers than C is.

We're therefore looking for an energetic person who is interested in
compiler hacking, who is comfortable with machine code and
architecture manuals, and who has or can develop good programming
skills in C and SML. This person will work with faculty and graduate
students to set goals and agree on methods of approach, then will work
on his or her own without additional supervision.

The position requires an advanced degree in computer science or
another technical discipline. A doctoral degree or master's degree
with experience or its equivalent is sufficient. We prefer someone
who is willing to relocate to Charlottesville, but it is not an
absolute requirement.

The Zephyr project offers an excellent working environment. We enjoy
a relaxed, flexible academic setting in a department that does a wide
variety of experimental systems research. At the same time, we work
hard to make our results count outside the ivory tower. If you want
to have an impact without being a cog in a big machine, this is a way
to do it.

We are located in Charlottesville, Virginia, a great university town
with a very high quality of life. The university, founded by Thomas
Jefferson, has a long tradition of academic excellence. The town has
about fifty thousand people; it is two hours from Washington D.C. and
thirty minutes from Skyline drive in the Shenandoah National Park.
More information is available at the Virginia and Charlottesville home

Interested parties should write to

    Professor Norman Ramsey
    Department of Computer Science
    Thornton Hall
    University of Virginia
    Charlottesville, VA 22903

The University of Virginia is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
Norman Ramsey

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