egcs-1.0.2 release

Jeffrey A Law <>
18 Mar 1998 23:09:16 -0500

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egcs-1.0.2 release (Jeffrey A Law) (1998-03-18)
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From: Jeffrey A Law <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 18 Mar 1998 23:09:16 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: tools, available


      March 16, 1998

      We are pleased to announce the release of egcs-1.0.2.

      egcs is a collaborative effort involving several groups of hackers
      using an open development model to accelerate development and testing
      of GNU compilers and runtime libraries.

      egcs-1.0.2 is a minor update to the egcs-1.0.1 compiler to fix several
      serious problems in egcs-1.0.1.
          * General improvements and fixes
                    + Memory comsumption significantly reduced, especially for
                        templates and inline functions.
                    + Fix various problems with glibc2.1.
                    + Fix loop optimization bug exposed by rs6000/ppc port.
                    + Fix to avoid potential code generation problems in jump.c.
                    + Fix some undefined symbol problems in dwarf1 debug support.
          * g++/libstdc++ improvements and fixes
                    + libstdc++ in the egcs release has been updated and should be
                        link compatible with libstdc++-2.8.
                    + Various fixes in libio/libstdc++ to work better on Linux
                    + Fix problems with duplicate symbols on systems that do not
                        support weak symbols.
                    + Memory corruption bug and undefined symbols in bastring have
                        been fixed.
                    + Various exception handling fixes.
                    + Fix compiler abort for very long thunk names.
          * g77 improvements and fixes
                    + Fix compiler crash for omitted bound in Fortran CASE
                    + Add missing entries to g77 lang-options.
                    + Fix problem with -fpedantic in the g77 compiler.
                    + Fix "backspace" problem with g77 on alphas.
                    + Fix x86 backend problem with Fortran literals and -fpic.
                    + Fix some of the problems with negative subscripts for g77 on
                    + Fixes for Fortran builds on cygwin32/mingw32.
          * platform specific improvements and fixes
                    + Fix long double problems on x86 (exposed by glibc)
                    + x86 ports define i386 again to keep imake happy.
                    + Fix exception handling support on NetBSD ports.
                    + Several changes to collect2 to fix many problems with AIX.
                    + Define __ELF__ for rs6000/linux.
                    + Fix -mcall-linux problem on rs6000/linux.
                    + Fix stdarg/vararg problem for rs6000/linux.
                    + Allow autoconf to select a proper install problem on AIX 3.1.
                    + m68k port support includes -mcpu32 option as well as cpu32
                    + Fix stdarg bug for irix6.
                    + Allow egcs to build on irix5 without the gnu assembler.
                    + Fix problem with static linking on sco5.
                    + Fix bootstrap on sco5 with native compiler.
                    + Fix for abort building newlib on H8 target.
                    + Fix fixincludes handling of math.h on SunOS.
                    + Minor fix for motorola 3300 m68k systems.

      An important goal of egcs is to allow wide scale testing of new
      features and optimizations which are still under development. However,
      egcs has been carefully tested and should be comparable in quality to
      most gcc releases.

      egcs-1.0.2 is based on an August 2, 1997 snapshot of the gcc-2.8
      development sources; it contains nearly all of the new features found
      in gcc-2.8.

      egcs also contains many improvements and features not found in gcc-2.7
      or gcc-2.8.
          * Integrated C++ runtime libraries, including support for most major
              linux systems!
          * The integrated libstdc++ library includes a verbatim copy of
              [1]SGI's STL release.
          * Integrated GNU Fortran compiler
          * New instruction scheduler
          * New alias analysis code

      See the [2]new features page for a more complete list of new features
      found in egcs-1.0.x releases.

      The egcs-1.0.2 release includes installation instructions in both HTML
      and plaintext forms (see the INSTALL directory in the toplevel
      directory of the egcs-1.0.2 distribution). However, we also keep the
      most up to date [3]installation instructions and [4]build/test status
      on our web page. We will update those pages as new information becomes

      And, we can't in good conscience fail to mention some [5]caveats to
      using egcs.

      Update: Big thanks to Stanford for providing a high speed link for
      downloading egcs (!

      [6]Download egcs-1.0.2 from (USA California)

      [7]Download egcs-1.0.2 from (USA California -- High
      speed link provided by Stanford)

      [8]Download egcs-1.0.2 from (USA Massachusetts)

      The egcs-1.0.2 release is also available on many mirror sites.
      [9]Goto mirror list to find a closer site

      We'd like to thank the numerous people that have contributed new
      features, test results, bugfixes, etc. Unfortunately, they're far too
      numerous to mention by name.

      Last modified on March 15, 1998.



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