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"Nick Roberts" <>
18 Mar 1998 23:01:55 -0500

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From: "Nick Roberts" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 18 Mar 1998 23:01:55 -0500
Organization: UUNet UK server (post doesn't reflect views of UUNet UK)
References: 98-03-110 98-03-136
Keywords: parse, SQL

I've always liked the idea of 'Module SQL' -- defined by the ISO for
several languages -- which combines partial syntax for the 'host'
language with full SQL syntax. This syntax is put into separate
'module' files. The beauty of this method is that the kind of problems
you cite are (largely) eliminated: you can define a separate syntax
for the module files, and compile them using this syntax. It also
helps to factor out SQL-embedded code from 'pure' host-language code
(generally a good idea from software maintenance point of view). I
believe the ISO were also proposing a way of embedding SQL code, but I
don't know how. More info from the ISO (

Nick Roberts, Croydon, UK

Vladimir Alexiev wrote in message 98-03-136...
|[ how to parse embedded SQL without tripping over SQL keyworks in
|non-SQL code ]

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