BBC BASIC to C converter (Kev Drummond)
15 Mar 1998 00:30:06 -0500

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BBC BASIC to C converter (1998-03-15)
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From: (Kev Drummond)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 Mar 1998 00:30:06 -0500
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Keywords: Basic, C, translator

Can you write in BBC Basic?

Can you write in C?

Did you answer YES then NO? Then you'll probably be interested in this
program. It converts BBC Basic to Acorn ANSI C. The eccentric genius
that wrote it (it's taken him five years to write this program)
doesn't have Internet access though... He's asked me to write and tell
you about it (Please don't throw up - this is the truth!) to see if
anyone is interested.

He says it's RISC OS compatible, but can't process embedded assembler
routines (which isn't a problem if you're only writing in BASIC) or
EVAL statements (which may require some minor re-writing of your BASIC
programmes. However, he assures me the speed increase is worth it).

He's releasing it as shareware - it's a time-limited release that will
work until February 1999. If you want it to continue working after
that, send him 25 pounds sterling or 50 US dollars and he'll send you
the full working latest version.

Also, he has written a GW BASIC to Q BASIC converter that he'll
include for free with the shareware release.

To contact him, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope containing a
floppy disk to:

Martin Carradus
Leaf Mindcraft
c/o 27 Wells Road
West Yorkshire
LS29 9JE

I know it sounds bizarre, but this is genuine.

If you have any queries, please contact me via e-mail and I'll pass
your questions on to Martin.

Kev Drummond

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