ICCL'98 Call For Participation (Chicago, May 98)

Christopher Colby <colby@cs.luc.edu>
15 Mar 1998 00:22:07 -0500

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ICCL'98 Call For Participation (Chicago, May 98) colby@cs.luc.edu (Christopher Colby) (1998-03-15)
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From: Christopher Colby <colby@cs.luc.edu>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 Mar 1998 00:22:07 -0500
Organization: Loyola University Chicago
Keywords: conference

                                                CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                                                IEEE Computer Society
                  1998 International Conference on Computer Languages

                                                    Loyola University
                                        Chicago, USA, 14--16 May, 1998

                                                        Sponsored by
        the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Languages,
  in cooperation with the ACM Special Interest Group on Programming Languages.


This is the sixth in a series of conferences devoted to all aspects of
computer languages, serving to bring together people broadly
interested in machine processable descriptions. The hallmarks of ICCL
are diversity, openness to a wide range of linguistic research, and
international representation. The focus is on new ideas in languages
and language technology which are innovative or experimental in

On May 13, a pre-conference Workshop on Internet Programming Languages
will be conducted at Loyola University. Details are given at the end
of this announcement.

                                                  IMPORTANT DEADLINES

          Hotel discount reservation deadline: April 12, 1998
          Early conference registration deadline: April 22, 1998

Information about hotels and conference registration appears below
and at the ICCL web page cited above.

                                                  CONFERENCE PROGRAM

The conference runs Thursday, May 14, 8:30am-6:00pm;
Friday, May 15, 8:45am-5:30pm; and Saturday, May 16, 8:45am-12:45pm

The invited speakers are
    Luca Cardelli, Microsoft Cambridge Labs (UK)
    Paul Hudak, Yale University (US)
    James Larus, University of Wisconsin (US)

The technical sessions consist of the following talks:

                                                  THURSDAY, MAY 14th
Invited Lecture: Luca Cardelli, Microsoft Cambridge Labs (UK)

Security and Dynamic Class Loading in Java: A Formalisation
    T. Jensen D. Le M'etayer T. Thorn, IRISA/CNRS/INRIA (FR)

TJava: A Transactional Java
    Alex Garthwaite and Scott Nettles, University of Pennsylvania (US)

Breaking Abstractions and Unstructuring Data Structures
    Christian Collberg, Clark Thomborson and Douglas Low, The University
    of Auckland (NZ)

Using Reflexivity to Interface with CORBA
    Roberto Ierusalimschy, Renato Cerqueira, Noemi Rodriguez, Rio de
    Janeiro-Brazil (BR)

Reactive Programming in Standard ML
    Riccardo R. Pucella, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies (US)

Design and Implementation of Triveni: A Process-algebraic API for
Threads + Events
    Christopher Colby, Lalita Jategaonkar Jagadeesan, Radha Jagadeesan,
    Konstantin L"aufer and Carlos Puchol, Loyola University Chicago (US)
    and Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies (US)

Distributed Computations Driven by Resource Consumption
    Luc Moreau and Christian Queinnecy, University of Southampton (UK),
    LIP 6 & INRIA-Rocquencourt (FR)

Automatic Generation of Microarchitecture Simulators
    Soner Vnder and Rajiv Gupta, University of Pittsburgh (US)

Microprocessor Specification in Hawk
    J. Matthews, J. Launchbury, B. Cook, Oregon Graduate Institute (US)

The Template and Multiple Inheritance Approach into Attribute Grammars
    Marjan Mernik, Mitja Lenic, Enis Avdicausevic, Viljem Zumer University
    of Maribor (Slovenia)

Combining Functional and OOprogramming Methodologies in a Large Commercial
    Ian Poole, Craig Ewington, Arthur Jones and Steve Wille, Vysys, Inc
    and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (US)

                                                        FRIDAY, MAY 15th
Invited Lecture: Paul Hudak, Yale University (US)

Modular Compilers Based on Monad Transformers
    William L. Harrison and Samuel N. Kamin, University of Illinois,
    Urbana-Champaign (US)

Automatic, Template-Based Run-Time Specialization: Implementation and
Experimental Study
    Francois Noel, Luke Hornof, Charles Consel, Julia L. Lawall,
    University of Rennes and IRISA (FR)

Controlled Self-applicable On-line Partial Evaluation, Using Strategies
    Mattox Beckman and Sam Kamin, University of Illinois at
    Urbana-Champaign (US)

Parallelization via Context Preservation
    Wei-Ngan Chin, A. Takano and Zhenjiang Hu, NUS (SG), Hitachi (JP),
    University of Tokyo (JP)

Type Reconstruction for Syntactic Control of Interference, Part 2
    Hongseok Yang and Howard Huang, University of Illinois at
    Urbana-Champaign (US)

An Operational Semantics for Probabilistic Concurrent Constraint Programming
    Alessandra Di Pierro and Herbert Wiklicky, City University London (UK)

Set Constraints for Destructive Array Update Optimization
    Mitchell Wand and William D. Clinger, Northeastern University (US)

A Conservative Technique to Improve Deterministic Evaluation of Logic Programs
    Abhik Roychoudhury, C.R. Ramakrishnan, I.V. Ramakrishnan and R.C. Sekar,
    SUNY Stony Brook and Iowa State (US)

Dependence Analysis for Recursive Data
    Yanhong A. Liu, Indiana University (US)

Optimal Code Motion in the Presence of Large Expressions
    Oliver R"uthing, Dortmund University (DE)

                                                  SATURDAY, MAY 16
Invited Lecture: James Larus, University of Wisconsin (US)

Path Profile Guided Partial Redundancy Elimination Using Speculation
    Rajiv Gupta, David A. Berson, and Jesse Z. Fang, University of
    Pittsburgh (US), Intel Corporation Microcomputer Research Lab (US)

An Infrastructure for Profile-Driven Dynamic Recompilation
    Robert G. Burger and R. Kent Dybvig, SAGIAN (US), Indiana University (US)

Formal Callability and its Relevance and Application to Interprocedural Data
Flow Analysis
    Jens Knoop, Universitat Passau (DE)

Loop Optimization for Aggregate Array Computations
    Yanhong A. Liu and Scott D. Stoller, Indiana University (US)

Data Flow Analysis Across Tuplespace Process Boundaries
    James B. Fenwick Jr. and Lori L. Pollock, University of Delaware (US)


Secure online registration is available at
This registration application accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express,
and Diners Club cards. If you do not have one of these credit cards,
or if you prefer not to register online, please print out the form and
fax or mail it with payment to the address given on the form.

Conference registration includes admission to the technical sessions,
morning and afternoon refreshment breaks, the Wednesday evening reception,
and one copy of the proceedings.

Advance Registration Fees: IEEE Member $220, Nonmember $275,
    Full-time Student $120
Late/On-Site Registration Fees: IEEE Member $265, Nonmember $330,
    Full-time Student $120


We have negotiated special rates for ICCL attendees at the Talbott Hotel
(+1-312-944-4970, 20 East Delaware Place) and at the Days Inn Lake Shore
Drive (+1-312-943-9200, 644 North Lake Shore Drive).
Please mention ICCL/Loyola University to get the special group rate.
The hotels require a room deposit guaranteed with a major credit card.

Rooms for Saturday night (May 16) are very limited because of the annual
Chicago Restaurant Convention. Therefore, attendees SHOULD BOOK THEIR
HOTEL ROOM FIRST and only then purchase a plane ticket second.

The Talbott is only a two-minute walk away from the conference site but has
fewer rooms available. The Days Inn is a fifteen-minute walk away from the
conference site. Please see the ICCL web page
http://www.math.luc.edu/iccl98/ for details.


United Airlines is offering a 10% discount off the unrestricted mid-week
coach fare or 5% discount off the lowest applicable fares, including First
Class, to all attendees of ICCL '98. This special offer applies to travel on
domestic segments of all United Airlines, United Express and Shuttle-by-United
flights. See the ICCL web page for details. Information about
transportation from the Chicago airports to the hotels and conference site
is also available from the ICCL web page.

                                                    CONTACT PERSONS

Local Arrangements Chair: Publications Chair:
Konstantin La"ufer Christopher Colby
Loyola University Chicago Loyola University Chicago
laufer@cs.luc.edu colby@cs.luc.edu

Program Committee Co-Chairs:
Purush Iyer Young-il Choo
North Carolina State University Gifford-Fong Associates
purush@csc.ncsu.edu yic@gfa-genesis.com

Conference Chair:
David Schmidt
Kansas State University



On May 13, a pre-conference Workshop on Internet Programming Languages will
be conducted at Loyola University.

Interested parties should contact one of the organizers:
    Henri Bal, Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands, bal@cs.vu.nl
    Boumediene Belkhouche, Tulane University, USA, bb@eecs.tulane.edu
    Luca Cardelli, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK, luca@luca.demon.co.uk

The workshop program is located at

Information about attendance and registration will be available soon
from the above URL and through a separate Call For Participation.

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