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Vugranam Sreedhar <>
12 Mar 1998 23:16:59 -0500

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From: Vugranam Sreedhar <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 12 Mar 1998 23:16:59 -0500
Organization: California Language Labs
References: 98-03-029
Keywords: theory, analysis

[Has anyone implemented the dominator tree algorithm by Dov Harel
(idescribed in the paper "A linear time algorithm for finding
dominators in a flow graph and related problems")? I would be very
interested in the exchange of ideas.]

Alstrup et al. have shown that Harel's algorithm is not linear. They
have proposed a new linear time algorithm. Check out the www site at (I don't recall the exact location, but I am sure in 5 mins
you can find out the paper.)


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