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QW'98, Technical Program <http://www.soft.com/QualWeek/QW98> sr@netcom.com (1998-03-03)
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From: sr@netcom.com (Software Research)
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Date: 3 Mar 1998 10:55:21 -0500
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        Announcing: QUALITY WEEK '98 (26-29 May 1998, San Francisco)

The final technical program for QW'98 is now available at the QW'98
Conference WebSite <http://www.soft.com/QualWeek/QW98>.

Here are some highlights...

                                                      KEYNOTE SPEAKERS

Dr. Cem Kaner (Attorney at Law) "Year 2000, How Can I Sue Thee? Oh, Let
Me Count the Ways"

Prof. Dave Parnas "Software Engineering: An Unconsummated Marriage"

Dr. Boris Beizer (Independent Consultant) "Prioritizing Your Y2K Testing
Effort: Debunking the Special Date Myths"

Mr. Robert V. Binder (RBSC Corporation) "Testing Object-Oriented
Systems: Best Practices"

Mr. Dave Duchesneau (Boeing Commercial Airplane Group) "Design for Test
(Or, How to Make it Hard for the Pernicious Bugs to Hide)"

Mr. Robert L. Glass (Computing Trends) "The Software Crisis - Is it for

                                                      TUTORIAL SPEAKERS

Dr. Boris Beizer (Independent Consultant) "An Overview of Testing --
Unit, Integration, System -- Outline and Index"

Mr. Robert V. Binder (RBSC Corporation) "Testing Strategies for Object-
Oriented Systems"

Mr. Michael Deck (Cleanroom Software Engineering, Inc.) "How Testers
Can Use Formal Methods to Analyze and Improve Software Requirements

Mr. Tom Gilb (Independent Consultant) "Evolutionary Delivery Project

Mr. Hans-Ludwig Hausen (GMD German National Research Center for
Information Technology) "Software Metrics for Procedures, Objects and

Mr. Ed Kit (Software Development Technologies) "Automating Software
Testing and Reviews"

Dr. Michael R. Lyu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) "Current
Techniques and Tools for Software Reliability Engineering"

Mr. John D. Musa (Independent Consultant) "More Reliable, Faster,
Cheaper Testing through Software Reliability Engineering"

Mr. Martin Pol (IQUIP Informatica B.V.) "Test Process Improvement"

Dr. Linda Rosenberg & Mr. Larry Hyatt (Unisys/SATC GSFC NASA) "Metrics
for Quality Assurance and Risk Assessment"

                                                        REGULAR PAPERS

QW'98 features over 60 regular papers on such important topics as:

                    Business Aspects Reliability
                    Coverage Requirements Testing
                    Criteria-Based Methods Specifications
                    Customer Satisfaction Statistical Methods
                    Defect Analysis Test Automation
                    Defect Tracking Test Environments
                    GUI Testing Test Processes
                    Java TestWare
                    Metrics Feedback Web Testing
                    Process Improvement WebSite Testing
                    Real-World Experiences Y2K Readiness, Testing
                    Real-World Futures Y2K/Euro Impacts


There will be a special Panel Session on "The Role of The Test Manager,"
co-chaired by Joanna Rothmann and Brian Lawrence


QW'98 Birds of Feather sessions will be coordinated and chaired by
Danny Faught (faught@rsn.hp.com) and Brian Marick (marick@testing.com).

                                                  QW'98 ADVISORY BOARD
James Bach (STL) Danny Faught (HP)
Boris Beizer (Analysis) Istvan Forgacs (Hungarian Academy)
Fevzi Belli (Univ. Paderborn) Dick Hamlet (Portland State)
Bill Bently (Bayer) Bill Howden (UC/San Diego)
Antonia Bertolino (IEI/CNR, Pisa) Prof. Luqi (NPGS)
Robert Binder (RBSC, Inc.) Brian Marick (Consultant)
Robert Birss (Intuit) Edward Miller (SR)
Rita Bral (SR/Institute) John Musa (Consultant)
Dirk Craeynest (OFFIS nv/sa) Lee Osterweil (UMass)
Greg Daich (STC) Axel VanLamsweerde (UCL/Belgium)
Sylvia Daiqui (DLR) Otto Vinter (Brel & Kjaer)
Tom Drake (NSA/BAH) Tony Wasserman (Software Methods & Tools)

For complete information about QW'98 point to the Conference Website:


Register online! All questions about QW'98 can be Emailed to qw@soft.com.

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