Re: c to Pascal translators?

Peter D Baylies <>
20 Feb 1998 17:57:09 -0500

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From: Peter D Baylies <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 20 Feb 1998 17:57:09 -0500
Organization: North Carolina State University
References: 98-02-090
Keywords: C, Pascal, translator

Boris D. Cahan wrote:
> I am desperately seeking a C to Pascal translator, preferably source
> code, I found some OLD postings in the 89 and 90 archives, but wasn't
> able to follow up on any.

You probably found references to the original one, C to UCSD Pascal,
it would have been around 1989 that they were working on it. It
turned into CTOP12B.ZIP on any of the major ftp archives.
(i.e. or whatever, ftpsearch for a mirror near you :)

As for source code... well... you can at least read about the program
at the company website, it looks like it's a C to Ada translator

> [I know about Pascal to C, but I don't recall much in the other direction.
> C is more expressive than Pascal, it'd be hard. -John]

It might be hard, but in this case we're translating to Turbo Pascal.
This translator isn't great (they claim about 80% of programs would at
least compile without being edited), but depending on the Pascal (and
C!) dialect we're talking about, they can both be just as functional.
(i.e. Turbo Pascal 5.5 and up can often look more like C++ because of
its object oriented features, and obviously Delphi is much like Visual
C/Whatever) I think the only big problem in this case for me was not
having an unsigned longint in Turbo Pascal 7 (but you can find
specific libraries for this).


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