TESTING COMPUTER SOFTWARE Conference (TCS'98) Announcement

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18 Feb 1998 23:14:00 -0500

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TESTING COMPUTER SOFTWARE Conference (TCS'98) Announcement uspdi@earthlink.net (1998-02-18)
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From: uspdi@earthlink.net (USPDI)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 18 Feb 1998 23:14:00 -0500
Organization: USPDI
Keywords: conference, testing

Mark your calendar for the 15th annual event. The final Conference program
is available on the Web at:


Detailed brochure will be available next week. You may request the
brochure and other information by e-mail to:



                      15th International Conference and Exposition on

                                          TESTING COMPUTER SOFTWARE
                                      Theme: Testing Under Pressure

                                                  June 8-12, 1998
            Washington, D.C. * Sheraton Premiere (Tysonıs Corner) * USA


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SIGSoft
American Society for Quality (ASQ) Software Division
Software Technology Support Center (STSC)

Frontier Technologies, Inc.

U.S. Professional Development Institute


The Fifteenth International Conference on TESTING COMPUTER SOFTWARE will
provide an opportunity to participate in the leading international
conference on software testing. Learn how testing professionals and
experts have used advanced methods and testing applications to improve the
effectiveness of their testing, reduce testing costs and meet schedule
deadlines. Share your own experiences in testing with others. You will be
able to exchange knowledge and ideas with people from a wide variety of
environments and locations including those from industry, academia and
government from the United States and abroad.

Conference tracks will address topics concerning the management of
software testing, the application of a variety of software testing
techniques, testing case studies, and additional topics that will
introduce more advanced ideas.

This conference will provide essential information to all who are involved
with or have an interest in software testing. This includes not only
practitioners but managers and researchers as well.

The Fifteenth International Conference on TESTING COMPUTER SOFTWARE is
where testing practitioners and managers from the commercial and
applications software community can learn:

* Experiences with testing under harsh deadlines or technical
    restrictions ... or both
* Ways to improve the testing process
* Practical experience with the various techniques
* Which efforts have been most successful
* Which efforts have been least successful

This conference brings together a set of experienced software testers to
share their experiences and what they have learned from them. You will
have the opportunity to hear about effective software testing techniques,
methods and technologies that have benefited the organizations where they
are used.


"Testing Strategies for Death-March Projects" by Ed Yourdon;
"Rules of Evidence: Combining Sources for Critical Software Assurance"
      by Charles Howell;
"Improved Testing through Software Reliability Engineering" by
      John Musa;
"Measurement and Testing: Doing More with Less" by
      Shari Lawrence Pfleeger;
"Evolutionary Testing: The Influence of Evolutionary Project Management
      (EVO) on Testing" by Tom Gilb;
"Conference Reflections" by Boris Beizer

PRE- AND POST-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS will present comprehensive technical
sessions for software testing practitioners:

  1. "Foundations of Software Testing Techniques" by Boris Beizer
  2. "Overview of Software Metrics" by Denis Meredith
  3. "Improved Testing through Software Reliability Engineering" by
        John Musa
  4. "The MITs Test Management Method" by Marnie Hutcheson
  5. "Automating Software Testing" by Mark Fewster
  6. "Testing the Microsoft Way" by James Tierney
  7. "Software Inspections" by Dorothy Graham
  8. "Fundamentals of Internet/Intranet Application Testing" by
          Marnie Hutcheson
  9. "Evolutionary Testing" by Tom Gilb
10. "Testing Java Applets and Applications" by Jeffery Payne
11. "Testing and the Year 2000: Confronting Risks and Alternatives Among
          Bad Choices" by Boris Beizer
12. "A New Deming-Oriented Paradigm for Building Quality Software" by
          Vern Crandall

CONCURRENT SESSIONS will be divided into four parallel track sessions,
presenting a variety of management, technical and advanced topics and

Risk Based Testing
Risk Mitigation Technique for Algorithmically Complicated Software
Test Management Issues and Opportunities with Automation
>From "Victim" to "Victor": The Trials and Tribulations of a Neophyte
      Software Testing Manager
Operational Testing of Decision-Critical Applications
System, Operational and Beta Testing of a Real-Time System
Improving Software Test Productivity and Effectiveness
System Testing at Allied Irish Banks

Defensive Testing Systems with COTS and Third-Party Functionality
A Tool and Language for Embedding Assertions in JAVA and C++
Systems Safety Improvement by Automated Software Robustness Evaluation
Testing Safety Critical Medical Device Software Under Pressure
Generating Test Cases for Overloaded Object-Oriented Programs Using EGS
      (Extended General Statecharts)
Testware Engineering
The Application of Mobile Agents to Software Testing
How to Select Test Cases When the State Space Is Enormous

Common Mistakes in Test Automation
Automated Conformance Test Development Approach vs. Traditional
      Development Approach
Automating Test Generation for GUIs
Specification Transformation to Support Automated Testing

When It Absolutely, Positively Has to Be There...
Putting the Fires Out in Testing Hell: The Basics
Testing Under Pressure Requires a Dedicated Team
Software Liability -- Strategies for Negotiating Testing Agreements

Test Framework for Interfaces: A Pragmatic Approach
Effective Testing for Today's Programming Methods

Is Your Web Application Ready for Prime Time?
Bugs I Have Met on the Internet -- A Case Study

Using Tolerance Bands on Test Related Metrics to Plan and Manage the
Testing Metrics for Requirements

Usability Testing of "Third-Party" Software: To Do or Not to Do?
How to Protect Yourself From Instabilities in Third Party Software

VENDOR EXHIBIT of products and services will provide valuable support
services and software information to your computer software testing

A set of conference proceedings, papers and view graphs will be provided
to each participant of the Conference. These materials are useful not only
during the Conference as learning guides, but also as useful references
when the conference is completed.

                                                            * * * * *

For additional information please contact:

Regular Mail: USPDI, 612 Ethan Allen Avenue, Suite 100; Takoma Park,
                            MD 20912-5400, USA.
Phone: 301/270-1033
Fax: 301/270-1040
E-mail: admin@uspdi.org (Subject: TCS'98)
Web: http://www.uspdi.org/conference



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