Re: DXF parser in lex/yacc?

Reini Urban <>
18 Feb 1998 23:07:35 -0500

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From: Reini Urban <>
Newsgroups: comp.cad.autocad,comp.compilers
Date: 18 Feb 1998 23:07:35 -0500
References: 98-02-074
Keywords: parse, syntax

Andrew Ellerton <> wrote:
>I've poked around news group archives, lists of freely available
>parsers/compiler tools and the Autocad site - if there is a lex/yacc parser
>for DXF available, I can't find it.

The DXF syntax is trivial. You may write your own yacc if you really
need it in 6 lines but I doubt. yacc is overkill for DXF.

I suggest writing your parser by hand:
There are always pairs of two lines, the first is a number, the second a
value according the number.
The whole mess is split up in 4 sections:
    header, tables, blocks and entities
with some subsections.

I successfully wrote a parser in perl in 3 minutes which deletes all
the handles, for Forth there is DXFIX.DXT in your support dir, and in
the handbook are basic examples.
Really simple.
-- Reini Urban
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