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Jos Decoster <decoster@retarget.com>
30 Jan 1998 00:40:28 -0500

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Dwarf2 writer decoster@retarget.com (Jos Decoster) (1998-01-30)
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From: Jos Decoster <decoster@retarget.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 30 Jan 1998 00:40:28 -0500
Organization: Target compiler technologies
Keywords: debug, question


I'm currently working on a Dwarf version 2 writer. I had some
questions about which relocators should be provided and about the
generation of the line statement program:

Q1. When creating the Dwarf DIE tree, several entries have attributes
giving low or high values for the program counter (DW_AT_low_pc,
DW_AT_high_pc, DW_AT_start_scope). Should all these attributes be
relocatable? Our Dwarf 2 manual says: "attribute whose value is the
RELOCATED address".

Q2. My line statement program generator uses the extended opcode
DW_LNE_set_address to set the PC value. Should this value be

Q3. Should the beginning and ending addresses of location list entries
be relocatable? The manual says: "this address is relative to the base
address of the compilation unit". What happens when a linker is not
mapping the compilation unit as a contiguous block or when the linker
changes the order of the subprogram?

Q4. When creating the line statement program, in which order are the
section in the object-file processed ('.init' -> '.text' -> '.fini')?
Are the section supposed to be contiguous or is there a separate line
statement program for every section?

Thanks in advance,

Jos Decoster.

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