SmallEiffel The GNU Eiffel Compiler (Dominique Colnet)
17 Jan 1998 00:06:18 -0500

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SmallEiffel The GNU Eiffel Compiler (1998-01-17)
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From: (Dominique Colnet)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.eiffel,comp.object,comp.compilers
Date: 17 Jan 1998 00:06:18 -0500
Organization: CRIN (CNRS) & INRIA Lorraine - Nancy - FRANCE
Keywords: Eiffel, GCC

The SmallEiffel team is proud to announce that SmallEiffel has been
promoted the official GNU Eiffel compiler by the Free Software

SmallEiffel is now "SmallEiffel The GNU Eiffel Compiler"
As a consequence the whole Eiffel source code of SmallEiffel is
now included in the distribution.

SmallEiffel The GNU Eiffel Compiler release -0.82 is available at :


What's new in release -0.82?

        * Release - 0.82 - Friday January 16th, 1998
                    + Became the official GNU Eiffel compiler.
                    + Added first HTML mode to command short . Flag -html1. Thanks
                        to Matthias Klause.
                    + Fixed bugs in command pretty .
                    + It is now possible to rename/redefine external "SmallEiffel"
                    + Files *.hlp of directory SmallEiffel/man no longer exists.
                        All the documentation is now in *.html files plus
                        corresponding automatically generated *.txt files.
                    + Manifest arrays creation has been optimized.
                    + Validity rule VHRC.2 is now enforced.
                    + Fixed bugs about export clause.
                    + Feature GENERAL.hash_code no longer exists. Added ELKS class
                        HASHABLE in order to be compatible with others
                    + Fixed a bug in pre-computed once functions.
                    + Fixed a bug in REAL/DOUBLE keybord input.
                    + Reintroduced left hand side cast in C code for better
                        performances (allowed by the C ANSI standard).
                    + Obsolete features now generate a Warning.
Please note I'll be travelling next week, so I won`t be able to check
the news or e-mails. I'll be back on January 27th.
Dominique COLNET -- UHP (Nancy 1) -- LORIA -- INRIA Lorraine -- The GNU Eiffel Compiler
POST: Loria, B.P. 239,54506 Vandoeuvre les Nancy Cedex, FRANCE
EMAIL: Voice:+33 0383593079 Fax:+33 0383413079

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