Re: DWARF v2.0 survey question (Jim Wilson)
13 Jan 1998 00:21:51 -0500

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Re: DWARF v2.0 survey question (1998-01-13)
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From: (Jim Wilson)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 13 Jan 1998 00:21:51 -0500
Organization: Cygnus Solutions, CA
References: 98-01-038
Keywords: linker, debug

Werner Geurts <> wrote:
>I would like to know on which platforms (including development
>environments for embedded processors) DWARF version 2 is used as
>debugging format.

SGI (irix6), Intel (i960), and Harris (?) are using DWARF 2. SGI's
implementation has a few deviations from the standard. I don't know
about the other implementations; I haven't seen them.

Gcc has had DWARF 2 support since mid-1996, though the lack of FSF
releases has made it difficult for people to get access to it. It is
available via the EGCS project though, and hopefully gcc 2.8 will come
out sometime soon. The gcc support should work for any target that
supports ELF, though the frame info does require some machine
dependent work. This work has been done for a number of architectures

>[What other debug format do ELF systems use? -John]

Sun's Solaris2 uses a variant of stabs. Gcc supports a different
variant of stabs. SGI's Irix5 uses mdebug (an extension of the
svr3/coff debug format). Most other ELF systems use DWARF 1 or a
variant of it. The PowerPC Embedded ABI (PPC EABI) standard for
instance uses DWARF 1 plus extensions.


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