egcs-1.0.1 release

Jeffrey A Law <>
6 Jan 1998 22:43:31 -0500

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egcs-1.0.1 release (Jeffrey A Law) (1998-01-06)
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From: Jeffrey A Law <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 6 Jan 1998 22:43:31 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: tools, available

January 6, 1998

We are pleased to announce the release of egcs-1.0.1.

egcs is a collaborative effort involving several groups of hackers
using an open development model to accelerate development and testing
of GNU compilers and runtime libraries.

egcs-1.0.1 is a minor update to the egcs-1.0 compiler to fix a few
critical bugs and add support for Red Hat 5.0 Linux. Changes since
the egcs-1.0 release:

        * Add support for Red Hat 5.0 Linux and better support for Linux
        systems using glibc2.

        * Compatability with both egcs-1.0 and gcc-2.8 libgcc exception handling
        interfaces (see below for further discussion).

        * Various bugfixes in the x86, hppa, mips, and rs6000/ppc backends.

        * A few machine independent bugfixes, mostly to fix code generation bugs
        when building Linux kernels or glibc.

        * Fix a few critical exception handling and template bugs in the C++

        * Fix Fortran namelist bug on alphas.

        * Fix build problems on x86-solaris systems.

To avoid future compatibility problems, we strongly urge anyone who is
planning on distributing shared libraries that contain C++ code to
upgrade to egcs-1.0.1 first (see for details about the
compatability issues as well as additional information about the
bugfixes since the egcs-1.0 release).

egcs contains many improvements and features not found in gcc-2.7 and
even the soon to be released gcc-2.8 compilers.

      * Integrated C++ runtime libraries, including support for most major
          linux systems!
      * The integrated libstdc++ library includes a verbatim copy of
          SGI's STL release.
      * Integrated GNU Fortran compiler
      * New instruction scheduler
      * New alias analysis code

See the egcs web page for a more complete list of new features,
installation instructions, build/test status, caveats, mailing lists,

You can ftp egcs-1.0.1 either as a full release, or as diffs from the
egcs-1.0 release from the following sites:

Master site:
US (California)

Alternate site:
US (Massachusetts)

Direct Mirrors:
US (east coast)
US (Arizona)
US (California)
Czech Republic
Germany (Berlin)
Poland (Warsaw)

Sites which mirror indirectly via

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