(Yacc) grammar for yacc/bison

e9325704@stud1.tuwien.ac.at (Leon Kaplan)
8 Oct 1997 00:50:21 -0400

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From: e9325704@stud1.tuwien.ac.at (Leon Kaplan)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 8 Oct 1997 00:50:21 -0400
Organization: Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Keywords: yacc, parse, comment


I am writing a tool that will visualize dependencies of NT in a
yacc/bison grammar. In order to save (a little bit) some work here's a
stupid question:

Is there a yacc grammar for yacc ? (or bison grammar for bison, or any

Leon Aaron Kaplan.
[The original yacc tech report talks about this a little. -John]

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