Alpha Testers For 8051 C-Compiler (Freeware) .. needed (mpct Solutions)
27 Sep 1997 01:13:10 -0400

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Alpha Testers For 8051 C-Compiler (Freeware) .. needed (1997-09-27)
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From: (mpct Solutions)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.robotics.misc,sci.electronics.misc
Date: 27 Sep 1997 01:13:10 -0400
Organization: mpct Solutions
Keywords: C, available

I have developed a FreeWare ANSI-1 compliant C-Compiler for 8051
base microcontrollers. I have done some testing with it, but the program
has become too complex for me test all possibilities myself.
If you are going to download the program and test , please be aware
that it is still under Alpha testing.
Suggestions for improvment of Code-Generation and Optimization VERY
VERY WELCOME. I plan to create a complete Windows based Freeware
development kit for 8051, but for now it is just the compiler. Here is
list of
        . ANSI-1 Compliant
        7 Language extensions to allow optimized access to 8051 memory
        7 Two memory models ( Small & Large)
        7 Non-stack automatic variables & parameters to save stack space.
        7 Allows ANSI style `structures'.
        7 Allows ANSI style bit field definition in structures.
        7 Allows use of `emunerated' type.
        7 Generic pointers
        7 External stack (upto 256 bytes)
        7 Register Bank Switching
        7 User defined Interrupt Service Routines
        7 Use of function pointers
        7 Absolute address for variables.
        7 Bit space addressablity, with code optimization for bit access
        7 Rudimentary support for creating libraries
        7 IT IS FREE ( Will remain FREE)

System Requirements
        7 80486 or better
        7 Windows 95 / Windows NT

        7 'long' ( 32-bit ) variables not supported
        7 No floating point support
        7 Code generated is in source format.
        7 Requires 'ASM51' ( FreeWare Version) by Metalink Corp
        7 No linkage editor.

To download point your browser to <>.
Don't forget the port number (8080). If you have trouble downloading
please send email to



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