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27 Sep 1997 01:08:21 -0400

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tcgs (wim solleveld) (1997-09-27)
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From: wim solleveld <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Sep 1997 01:08:21 -0400
Organization: universiteit twente
Keywords: tools, question

I am busy building a compiler with means of the Twente compiler
generator system (tcgs abbreviated). I, as student computer science
at university of twente, am attempting to build in the so-called
for-statement but have a problemn associated with that. It is now
possible to use the for statement (for i := under TO upper DO
Statement-part ) with respect to the fact that i in the for-loop's
statement-part d o e s n o t change;
  Is there anybody who knows the system tcgs and can explain how to build
the compiler with the for-loop which takes care of the loop variable's
change in the statement part S.

i'm sorry for the somehat 'silly' english...

wim solleveld

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