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Gary Duzan <>
24 Sep 1997 22:24:11 -0400

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From: Gary Duzan <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,
Date: 24 Sep 1997 22:24:11 -0400
Organization: GTE Laboratories
References: 97-09-034 97-09-063 97-09-088
Keywords: tools, translator

Terence Parr wrote:
> Anyway, most tools do not provide support for the traversal or
> transformation of trees (unless you generate LISP ;)). If you're
> lucky, your tree generator will build objects of different types
> (heterogeneous tree nodes). That way you can build action() methods
> or whatever for each node that knows what to do for each node and how
> to traverse its children.

      If you decide you want something like this, you might want to take a
look at Demeter out of Northeastern University. The older Demeter/C++
is limited to LL(1) parsing, but the newer Demeter/Java includes an
LR(1) parser, though with a restricted lexer. In both cases Demeter
builds classes for you and provides fairly advanced traversal

The traversals are emphasized more than the parsing, so it may not be
the right choice for general purpose parsing, but if you are
specifying your own mini-language, it is worth a look.

Gary D. Duzan
GTE Laboratories

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