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Jonathan G Campbell <>
24 Sep 1997 22:23:47 -0400

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From: Jonathan G Campbell <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 24 Sep 1997 22:23:47 -0400
Organization: University of Ulster
References: 97-09-087
Keywords: translator, Java

Tomas Granath wrote:
> I'm doing a MSc project about translation from other languages to
> Java, and would like hear if someone has had a look at the problems
> involved in this; e.g. expressiveness of Java vs other object
> oriented languages an so on.

We address some of the questions & issues you mention in Java in the
following paper:

Jonathan Campbell and Fionn Murtagh, 1997,

Signal and Image Processing in Java.
Paper presented at IMVIP '97, University of Ulster, Magee College,
Derry, 10-13 September 1997. (note: this is not in the printed

Available from PostScript (125KB), PostScript
compressed (gzip) (51KB).

The abstract is in
and the paper is also available via this link.

We expect to update the paper as we achieve more results, so 'watch this

What we find nice:

- procedural C/C++, that uses simple types and no mixed type
expressions, needs no translation to Java except maybe for function
heading. E.g. a cleanly written linear equation solver, or an FFT, needs
little or no translation. This will be of great interest to those who
involved in numerical analysis & scientific programming.

- nice object model in Java.

- well documented supporting classes for everything you ever dreamt of.

- garbage collection.

- avoidance of (direct reference to) pointers.

- stricter typing than either C or C++.

It would make an ideal "introduction to programming" teaching language
-- with, in my opinion, assurance of easy migration to C/C++ afterwards
if neccessary.

Best regards,

Jon Campbell

Jonathan G Campbell Univ. Ulster Magee College Derry BT48 7JL N. Ireland
+44 1504 375367

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