Announcement: Plug&play NT YAFL Compiler available

Darius Blasband <>
23 Sep 1997 23:46:06 -0400

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Announcement: Plug&play NT YAFL Compiler available (Darius Blasband) (1997-09-23)
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From: Darius Blasband <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.object,comp.lang.eiffel
Date: 23 Sep 1997 23:46:06 -0400
Organization: Phidani Software, Brussels
Keywords: tools, Windows, parse

A conveniently installable version of the YAFL compiler for NT and
Win95 is now available for download at It

- A binary of the YAFL compiler
- Jacob Navia's excellent port of LCC for Win32 to compile the
    C code generated by the YAFL compiler
- The entire source code of the YAFL standard library, runtime, and

This distribution includes the original YAFL compiler which is
available in source form. Binaries are provided for mere convenience.

As a language, YAFL includes:

- Extensive genericity
- Single inheritance
- Strong typing
- Strictly enforced modularity

The compiler includes a complete symbolic debugging system.

The YAFL documentation that describes the language as well as the
various tools is available as a large Postscript file but must be
downloaded separately.

Please feel free to ask for any help you might need.

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