New Win32 Profiling Tool Available for Download (Brad Chen)
23 Sep 1997 23:36:33 -0400

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New Win32 Profiling Tool Available for Download (1997-09-23)
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From: (Brad Chen)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Sep 1997 23:36:33 -0400
Organization: Division of Applied Sciences, Harvard University
Keywords: 386, tools, performance, available, Windows

The Etch group at UW and Harvard is distributing some program
development and analysis tools based on the Etch Binary
Rewriting Engine for NT/x86 boxes.

The first of these tools is a call graph profiler that helps
programmers understand where time is going in their programs.
The Etch Call Graph Profiler works on Win32 apps built by most
compilers, does not require source, works with multithreaded
programs, understands program and system DLLs, and is designed
to run reasonably fast even if your machine only has an 'average'
configuration. We've used it on serious programs ranging from
Microsoft's SQL server to Lotus Wordpro, and even on Direct Draw
games like Monster Truck Madness.

If you'd like to give our profiler a try, you can download it from:

Follow the link to Download Etch Tools.

Part of our motivation for distributing these tools is to get
some feedback about what we've built and what we should be
building. So please give our tools a try, and send mail to with your comments and


The Etch Group

Ted Romer
Wayne Wong
Alec Wolman
Geoff Voelker
Dennis Lee
Ville Aikas
Brad Chen
Hank Levy
Brian Bershad

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