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Shankar Unni <>
23 Sep 1997 23:16:54 -0400

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From: Shankar Unni <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Sep 1997 23:16:54 -0400
Organization: Powertel Global, Inc.
References: 97-09-044
Keywords: architecture

Mr. Yogi wrote:

> please suggest me some reference/book on procedure calling conventions
> for intel's x86 family processors. I need to know the
> Caller-save/Callee-save partition of integer and FPU registers.

The Microsoft Visual C++ documentation has information on the calling
conventions that it uses (stdcall (the old Pascal convention), the
default C conventions, and their "fastcall" (rarely used) convention).

If no one else responds here with the details, or if Mr. Yogi cannot get
the details from the above reference, I can try to post a precis later..
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