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Louis Tribble <letribble@msmail4.HAC.COM>
15 Sep 1997 21:39:52 -0400

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From: Louis Tribble <letribble@msmail4.HAC.COM>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 Sep 1997 21:39:52 -0400
Organization: Hughes Aircraft Company
References: 97-09-034
Keywords: translator

Waverly Edwards wrote:

> Has anyone done any source conversion using SORCERER. The product
> sounds interesting but I'm wondering if I need to be a compiler wiz
> in order to use it. Has it ever been ported to the Mac?

I've heard of a PCCTS 1.33 plugin for Metrowerks CodeWarrior but even
if it is solid, it may not support Sorceror. Try asking on

If you can use Java, then ANTLR (PCCTS) 2.x should be readily portable
to the Macintosh, and it incorporates Sorceror's functionality into

Again, if you can use Java, take a look at JavaCC, also an LL(k)
parser generator. I have used it extensively on the Mac. It includes
Java and C++ grammars, and one of the examples is a source to source
converter (a translator from a simple extended Java to standard Java).

The JavaCC web page is at:

Good luck,
Louis Tribble
Hughes Aircraft Company

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