Pointers wanted: analysis of compiler complexity

Eric Scheirer <eds@media.mit.edu>
15 Sep 1997 21:39:28 -0400

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Pointers wanted: analysis of compiler complexity eds@media.mit.edu (Eric Scheirer) (1997-09-15)
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From: Eric Scheirer <eds@media.mit.edu>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 Sep 1997 21:39:28 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: theory, question

Hi all,

I'm seeking references on analysis of the complexity of the
compilation process for C-like languages. I don't mean optimization
of the resulting code, but rather, the number of instructions/memory
cells required to perform the compilation itself, and the way these
functions grow with source code size and complexity.

I'm also interested in such analyses for macro assemblers, as well as
any war stories about implementing compilers for sophisticated
languages on very slow/small/low-power devices. (I'm working on a JIT
download- and-compile audio processing language for inclusion in the
MPEG-4 standard. I want to know what kind of hardware is reasonable
to imagine a JIT compiler being effective on.)

The more hard numbers, the better, but pointers to theoretical
treatments would also be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

  -- Eric
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