Re: How to parse char **argv? (John Wasser)
12 Sep 1997 21:25:53 -0400

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From: (John Wasser)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.c,comp.compilers,comp.lang.c++
Date: 12 Sep 1997 21:25:53 -0400
Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation
Keywords: C, parse

Raymond Li <> wrote:

> My first question is: which grammar rule is it used for the last
> line?

        From the ANSI C standard:

                        * [type-qualifier-list]
                        * [type-qualifier-list] pointer

        Note: I use the brackets to show that the type-qualifier-list
        is optional since I don't think a subscript "opt" would make
        it through the network.

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