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Norman Ramsey <>
12 Sep 1997 21:22:08 -0400

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From: Norman Ramsey <>
Newsgroups: comp.lang.dylan,comp.lang.lisp,comp.compilers
Date: 12 Sep 1997 21:22:08 -0400
Organization: University of Virginia
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Axel Schairer <> wrote:
>This might be true. It is true, of course, if you know all your infix
>operators when you build your parser/parse tables. But I do not know
>how to handle the situation where you
> - have user-defined infixes _and_
> - you want/need to use tools like bison/yacc/zebu ...
>Is there something I should know and obviously don't?

The thing to do is to use yacc-like tools to parse a sequence of
``atomic expressions'', then use a little operator-precedence parser
to handle the infix operators. My paper `Unparsing Expressions with
Prefix and Postfix Operators' at has such a
parser in the appendix. The advantage of this technique is that you
don't have to limit the number of levels of user-defined precedence.
I've found such limits bothersome when I'm trying to embed one
language in another (e.g., defining analogs of C operators in ML is
tedious because you have to cram C's 14 levels of precedence into ML's

Excerpt from an EBNF grammar that uses this trick:

Exp : Atomic {Atomic} ;
Atomic : "(" Exp {"," Exp} ")"
              | "[" Exp {"," Exp} "]"
              | "let" {Decl} "in" Exp "end"
              | "if" Exp "then" Exp "else" Exp "fi"
              | Ident
              | Literal

If you don't mind ugly ML code, you can see the rest of the grammar at
and the post-pass at


                                  Norman Ramsey -- moderator, comp.programming.literate

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