ANNOUNCEMENT: CD-ROM of Compiler Sources - "Dragon Fodder" (Paul A. Benson)
7 Sep 1997 15:05:22 -0400

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ANNOUNCEMENT: CD-ROM of Compiler Sources - "Dragon Fodder" (1997-09-07)
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From: (Paul A. Benson)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 7 Sep 1997 15:05:22 -0400
Organization: KM-CD
Keywords: available, administrivia

A New CD-ROM for those interested in computer language design has just
been published. the name of the title is

      "Dragon Fodder"

It is described as a "Programmer's Resource and ftp Directory of
Compilers: Principles, Techniques & Tools."

This CD may be sampled at

A breif description is as foillows

Complete source code to hundred's of:

7 Compilers
7 libraries
7 algorithms
7 generators
7 parsers
7 lexical analyzers
7 compiler construction tools.
More than 650 Megabytes of zipped archives which expand to over 1
Gigabyte of source files !
A CD-ROM and companion website, with over 400 language listings with
source code links, sorted by functionality and type, as well as
An ideal resource for computer students studying compiler design,
programmers wishing to add a parser, analyzer, or code generator to an
application, or anyone interested in learning how computer languages are

The Ideal Companion CD to "THE DRAGON BOOK" ( THE text on Compiler

Available Sept. 1997, SRP $ 39.95 ( a $ 10.00 discount is available for
readers of this news group.. just mention you heard of it here !).

KM-CD.COM may be contacted at / or / or 800-
[I took a look. The graphics on the site are a bit much, and it
really has nothing at all to do with Aho&Ullman, but it's a reasonable
collection and they have links to on-line sources of everything on the
CD-ROM. -John]


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