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Scott Stanchfield <>
7 Sep 1997 15:02:39 -0400

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From: Scott Stanchfield <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 7 Sep 1997 15:02:39 -0400
Organization: MageLang Institute
References: 97-09-015
Keywords: parse, tools

If you can convert to ANTLR, my visual debugger for it is _almost_ ready. (I
know, I've been saying _almost_ for three months, but starting this weekend I
really have time to work on it!)

Take a peek at

Heads up -- it's an LL(k) parser generator, so a yacc grammar needs work to be
converted. It also generates Java source.

-- Scott

> I need to continue developing a parser that was started with lex and
> yacc that needs to work on Unix and the PC... Some of the debuggers
> on the PC look useful, though they have you move from the lex and yacc
> format. Has any one had any experience with Sandstone's Visual P++?
> What about Parsifal's AnaGram?? Or anything else?

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