Compiler positions available for week ending August 31
31 Aug 1997 21:11:59 -0400

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Compiler positions available for week ending August 31 (comp.compilers) (2008-08-31)
Compiler positions available for week ending August 31 (1997-08-31)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,
Date: 31 Aug 1997 21:11:59 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: jobs

This is a digest of ``help wanted'' and ``position available'' messages
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From: Pro Source <>
Date: 26 Aug 1997 22:10:12 GMT
Organization: Shore.Net/Eco Software, Inc; (

Pro Source

Contract Services - Consultants - Systems Integrators

"we are in the business of helping people that are not at least 70%
happy with their work situation"

Project Description

Location: Lexington, MA
Specification: Develop Parser using C++ for PL/SQL, for database
browsing application.
Rate: Open to 60/ hour
Other: Requires 5 years experience and some compiler knowledge
Start Date: September
Length: 3 months
Telephone: 617 890 8000 x249
Fax: 617 890 2038

A Full Service Provider Of Integrated Solutions to Business And
Technology Challenges

196 Bear Hill Road
Waltham, MA 02154


From: Suzanne Ezrre <suzannee@ezrre.Eng.Sun.COM>
Subject: Hot Jobs @ SUN!!, Silicon Valley
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 15:32:58 -0700
Organization: Sun Microsystems

Sun's Advanced Processor Architecture and Software Group is soliciting
resumes from motivated individuals interested in advancing the
state-of-the-art for our UltraSparc and JavaChip families. If your
interests are in CPU microarchitecture, JVM implementation, Java
dynamic compiler and/or static compiler backend research and
development, Java and conventional benchmark performance analysis,
please send us a resume or call:

          Suzanne Ezrre Lisa Blos-Johnson
          PH (408) 774-8682 PH (408) 774-8297
          FAX (408) 328-8812 FAX (408) 328-8812

We have immediate openings for people whose interests include
any of the following:

                o CPU microarchitecture/ISA evaluation
                o Memory hierarchy management techniques
o Java virtual machine and dynamic compiler implementation
                o Static compiler backend prototyping
o Java and conventional benchmark performance analysis
o Multimedia and Sun VIS (Visual Instruction Set) studies

We are seeking highly motivated individuals who want to work with the
leading edge processor and language implementation technologies for
Java as well conventional languages, in a company that started all
this excitement. We will consider both new college graduates and
experienced engineers. Talk to us!


From: John Anton <>
Subject: Career Opportunities at Kestrel Institute, Palo Alto CA
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 12:44:54 -0700
Organization: Kestrel Institute

Career Opportunities at Kestrel Institute
in Palo Alto, California (

Kestrel has openings and is hiring and interviewing now. We have
several openings in R&D for senior researchers as well as recent

About Kestrel Technology

Kestrel's focus is on advancing the state-of-the-art in software
development. We are interested in highly automated design methods
that emphasize correctness, performance, scalability, productivity,
ease of use, and security. These capabilities arise from the
articulation and incorporation of precise software design knowledge
and principles.

Areas of Interest

Toward the goal of advancing the state-of-the-art in software
development, Kestrel is interested in formal and mechanized support

    * Specification of software systems
    * Refinement / transformation of specifications
    * Design evolution
    * Code generation

We are interested in a variety of technologies as they apply to the
development of the next generation of software development

    * Algebraic specification
    * Algorithm design, software generators
    * Analysis techniques and slicing for programs and specifications
    * Category theory, mathematical logic
    * Constraint solving
    * Datatype refinement
    * Formal methods
    * Inference
          - First-order
          - Higher-order
          - Rewriting
          - Decision procedures
    * Program synthesis and optimization techniques
    * Program transformation
    * Refinement to high-performance parallel and sequential architectures
    * Semantics and type theory
    * Software architectures
    * User interface design
    * Visualization

Recent projects

Kestrel's recent projects include (among others):

    * Development of the theory and tools for the design and automated
        synthesis of high performance scheduling and planning algorithms for
        transportation, logistics, power plant maintenance, and

    * Synthesis of very fast parallel algorithms;

    * High performance knowledge bases;

    * Security of network software;

    * Synthesis of data base integration software;

    * Methods for evolving software and managing software changes and

    * Improving software analysis and testing using automated reasoning

    * On-the-fly software visualization;

    * Specification, synthesis, verification and simulation of reactive


We are now hiring for several positions, and need people with
backgrounds ranging from Experienced Researchers to Recent Graduates.

We are interested in project staff as well as potential project
leaders. We look for some (but not necessarily all) of these

1. Researchers - Ph.D. Level

      * Experience in program synthesis or related fields
      * Broad knowledge of formal methods and/or Knowledge-based methods
      * Deep knowledge of one or more formal methods areas
      * Excellent implementation skills
      * Excellent verbal communication and writing skills
      * Ability to perform original research and publish
      * Interest in developing working applications for end-users
      * Experience with automated proof systems
      * Ability to lead and manage projects
      * Skills in documentation and teaching

2. Researchers and Implementors at the MS Level

      * MS in Computer Science or equivalent
          (exceptional BS graduates will be considered)
      * Strong implementation and software engineering skills
      * Ability to work with applications of advanced mathematical concepts
          to software engineering
      * Documentation, support, training skills

3. Application Developers

      Our Application Developers may also be researchers and implementors
      who have interest in developing working applications based on our
      technologies. Activities include documentation, support, contact
      with customers, and training.

      Our current applications include synthesis of very fast scheduling
      algorithms, parallel algorithms, secure software, very large
      knowledge bases, and several others.

The Best Of The Research And Commercial Worlds
    From Theory to Practical Applications

Kestrel provides opportunities for involvement in technology
transition, including equity interest in startup companies. For
example, Kestrel licensed technology to Reasoning Inc, a company
active in Reengineering and Year 2000 Solutions. (See

Kestrel is funded through government grants, as well as contracts with
private companies. In order to prove the feasibility of our ideas,
and to transfer our theories to the real world, our research often
involves implementing working prototype systems and tranferring these
prototypes to commercial enterprises for development of products.

Kestrel Institute itself is an independent, non-profit research
institute, but is also affiliated with Kestrel Development
Corporation, a for-profit corporation. Kestrel also licenses software
to other commercial enterprises.

Inquiries and Job Applications

Please send a resume or curriculum vitae, a statement of research
interests, a description of previous work, or questions (in any
combination). You may send these in ASCII, MS Word, or Postscript.

We are also interested in recent papers. When sending email, we
prefer you to send pointers to papers (citations or URLs) rather than
the papers themselves.

If you do not yet have all of your materials assembled, we would
appreciate receiving what you do have (the URL for your web page, for

We strive to find world-class people and welcome qualified applicants
from outside the US. Good English language skills are required.

Send email to:

or regular mail to

Kestrel Institute
3260 Hillview Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94304

or fax to (in USA) 415-424-1807

More information about Kestrel, and recent papers, can be found at

or by calling (in USA) 415-493-6871 (ask for Carol Lei).

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