Object Oriented Interpreter/Compiler

John Bergman <john@siliconzone.com>
19 Aug 1997 22:54:59 -0400

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From: John Bergman <john@siliconzone.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 19 Aug 1997 22:54:59 -0400
Organization: SiliconZone, Inc.
Keywords: OOP, question


      I have been working on a "conventional" compiler/interpreter that
uses a source language somewhat like pascal. I am now interested in
understanding more techniques for creating an Object oriented language.

    Can anyone point me to one of the following:

1. A good book on the subject that includes source code of a working
interpreter that is Recursive-Decent driven.

2. A pointer to working source code for a "small-c++" or oo-pascal would
be a great help as well... again, preferablly one that uses recursive

Your help is GREATLY appreciated,

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