Re: javacc or jack - still exists?

Scott Stanchfield <>
10 Aug 1997 22:44:45 -0400

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From: Scott Stanchfield <>
Date: 10 Aug 1997 22:44:45 -0400
Organization: scruz-net
References: 97-08-038
Keywords: Java

It's at
(web site is the "suntest" site.)

But being an ANTLR 2.0 junkie (and an employee of MageLang Institute) I
must recommend ANTLR 2.0 at
Take a peek, and make sure you check out the debugger that I'm
developing for it. (It's taking a bit more time than I had anticipated,
but it should be ready for release in a few weeks.)

-- Scott

Dan Kelley wrote:
> A while ago I had heard about 'jack', since renamed 'javacc', a
> yacc-like parser that produces java code instead of C code.


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