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"Dave Hanson" <>
18 Jul 1997 12:32:58 -0400

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From: "Dave Hanson" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 18 Jul 1997 12:32:58 -0400
Organization: Microsoft Corp.
References: 97-07-086
Keywords: C, tools

DAVID <> wrote...
> I need a tool which will parse a 'C' file and extract the following
> a list of all functions return type of those functions number and
> type of parameters to those functions
> [If you can't find anything off the shelf, the protoize program which
> converts prototyped to unprototyped C and back should be a good place to
> start. It lives with the GNU stuff. -John]

it's very easy to build an lcc "backend" to this--we've built such browers
very quickly by editing the "symbolic" backend that comes with lcc.
if i get a chance, i'll post one of these to the lcc contributed software area
dave hanson

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