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From: eyckmans@imec.be (Michel Eyckmans (MCE))
Newsgroups: comp.lsi,comp.dsp,comp.compilers,comp.realtime
Date: 13 Jul 1997 11:27:45 -0400
Organization: IMEC
Keywords: conference, architecture

Dear colleague,

as you are active in the area of system and architectural design and
synthesis issues, you are probably interested to obtain the updated
advance program of the ISSS'97 conference which will take place in
Belgium on Sept.17-19.

*** Please note the change in the registration information below. ***

This year's program is again very exciting with 6 interesting invited
speakers on topics covering formal verification, education for deep
submicron age, compilers for embedded processors, (embedded) DRAM
memories, system-level codesign in industry, and real-time software
system methodologies. In addition to 18 high-quality papers, we also
have 2 exciting panels and the traditional discussion topics where all
the participants contribute. That mix should make ISSS interesting for
both academic and industrial attendees.

A web site has been installed with much more information still:
http://www.imec.be/isss97/ There you can check for the latest ISSS'97
related info. We are looking forward to receiving your advance
registration by August 8, 1997.

Francky Catthoor (Program Chair-man)

                                Antwerp, Belgium, September 17-19, 1997

                                                      ADVANCE PROGRAM
            Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society DATC and the ACM SIGDA

                                                      Important Dates

                      Advance Registration Deadline : August 8, 1997
                      Hotel Reservation Deadline : August 15, 1997
                      On-Site Registration : September 16-17, 1997

                                                            About ISSS

ISSS is a major international forum presenting emerging techniques for
the system-level design and synthesis of computing systems. Having
begun as the International Workshop on High-Level Synthesis in the
mid-80's, it attracts leading design automation professionals from
around the world. The growing acceptance of commercial synthesis
tools, and the unified view of both hardware and software that such
tools enable, have led to the symposium expanding to now cover
system-level synthesis, hardware/software codesign, programmable
(multi-)processor-based design, architectural and high-level
synthesis, system-design experience and methodologies, embedded and
real-time system software, synthesis for low power and testability and

ISSS'97 is the 10th in this very successful series of symposia. It
features 6 invited tutorial talks by leading industrial (Dr. Frank
Gielen, Alcatel-Telecom; Dr. Roelof Salters, Philips; Dr. Richard
Taylor, HP Labs) and academic experts (Prof. Hugo De Man, Prof. Gerry
Musgrave, Prof. Alex Nicolau) on very timely and interesting topics
related but not overlapping with the other ISSS activities. In
addition, 2 panel sessions are organized on topics of active interest
for the future of our community. ISSS'97 also features 18
high-quality papers selected from over 60 submissions. Paper
presentations will consist of 20 minute talks followed by poster
sessions, allowing ample time for discussion and interaction. On the
first evening, a social event is planned.

                                                  Antwerp, Belgium

The symposium's location, Antwerp, is a city with a glorious past. Hometown
of world famous artists who created here a unique pageant of history.

Someone wandering round in Antwerp at the beginning of the 17th century
would soon run into the best-known painters, sculptors, instrument
makers and printers. Rubens worked together with Jordaens, van Dijck,
Jan Bruegel and Erasmus II Quellinus, who illustrated books that were
printed by Balthazar Moretus. All of these masters were at home in
Antwerp. The Antwerp museums and churches are all richly endowed.
Antwerp is art.

Antwerp, a city with a rich and glorious present.
The port: a whirlpool of activity. A diamond sector that has given the
city a name and fame; the place to buy diamonds.
The Diamond Museum explains the whole process,
from mining to brilliant jewelry.
The Antwerp Zoo is world famous.

Antwerp, a bustling and hospitable metropolis. With terraces, pubs
and restaurants, museums, movies, theatre, dance, music and modern art,
a large city on a small scale.
It is easily accessible by air (Brussels airport is 30 minutes away), train
and car.

                                                      Technical Program

Tuesday, September 16, 1997

18:00 - 20:00 Registration
19:00 - 21:00 Reception

Wednesday, September 17, 1997

8:30-12:00 Registration

9:00 Opening Session & Invited Talk
              o Opening & Welcoming remarks
                  Frank Vahid, UC Riverside, CA, USA

              o "Formal Verification: The Enabling or the Handicapping Process?"
                  Gerry Musgrave, Brunel University, UK

10:30 Session 1 : Formal specification and validation
Chair: Lev Markov, Mentor Graphics, Wayland MA, USA

    1.1 Quick Conservative Causality Analysis
              Ellen Sentovich, Cadence Berkeley Labs, CA, USA
    1.2 An Efficient Representation for Formal Synthesis
              Christian Blumenroehr, Dirk Eisenbiegler, Univ. Karlsruhe, Germany
    1.3 Derivation of Formal Representations from Process-based Specification
              and Implementation Models
              Steven Vercauteren, Diederik Verkest, IMEC, Belgium
              Bill Lin, U.C. San Diego CA, USA

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Panel Discussion
              "Where is Fast Prototyping Heading ?"

              Organizer: Rudy Lauwereins, Univ. of Leuven, Belgium
              Panel Members:
              Nick Kanopoulos, DCT, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA
              Rudy Lauwereins, Univ. of Leuven, Belgium
              Stefaan Note, Philips ITCL, Leuven, Belgium
              Kees Vissers, Philips Natlab, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
              Ian Page, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

15:00 Session 2 : Fast prototyping and code generation
Chair: Kees Vissers, Philips Research, The Netherlands

    2.1 Prototyping of the Receiver Unit for a Broadband Access Network
              Axel Hein, Josef Dalcolmo, Patrick Le Corre, Rudy Lauwereins,
                  Marleen Ade, Jean Peperstraete, Univ. of Leuven, Belgium
    2.2 Constraint Analysis for DSP Code Generation
              Bart Mesman, Marino Strik, Adwin Timmer, Jef van Meerbergen, Philips
                  Research, The Netherlands
              Jochen Jess, Eindhoven Univ. of Technology, The Netherlands
    2.3 An Efficient Model for DSP Code Generation: Performance, Code Size,
              Estimated Energy
              Cathy Gebotys, Univ. of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

16:30 Invited Talk
              "Education for the Deep Submicron Age : Business as Usual?"
              Hugo De Man, Univ. of Leuven and IMEC, Belgium

17:30 Social event: guided beer tour in Antwerp

Thursday, September 18, 1997

8:30 Invited Talk
              "True State-of-the-art Compilers: Instruction-level Parallelism and
              Speculation Exploitation"
              Alexandru Nicolau, U.C.Irvine, CA, USA

9:30 Session 3 : Novel compilation and optimization issues
Chair: Rolf Ernst, Technical Univ. Braunschweig, Germany

    3.1 Embedded System Synthesis by Timing Constraint Solving
              Krzysztof Kuchcinski, Linkoeping Univ., Sweden
    3.2 Reducing the Complexity of ILP Formulations for Synthesis
              Anne Mignotte, Olivier Peyran, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France
    3.3 A New Optimization Technique for Improving Resource Exploitation and
              Critical Path Minimization
              Birger Landwehr, Peter Marwedel, Univ. of Dortmund, Germany

11:00 Focus Group
              Workshop discussions involving all attendees

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Invited Talk
              "Embedded Memories and Embedded Logic"
              Roelof Salters, Philips Research, The Netherlands

14:30 Session 4 : Memory management issues
Chair: Paul Lippens, Philips Research, The Netherlands

    4.1 Fast and Extensive System-level Memory Exploration for ATM Applications
              Peter Slock, Sven Wuytack, Francky Catthoor, IMEC, Belgium
              Gjalt de Jong, Alcatel Telecom, Belgium
    4.2 Optimization of the Background Memory Utilization by Partitioning
              Uwe Eckhardt, Technical Univ. Dresden, Germany
    4.3 Architectural Exploration and Optimization of Local Memory in Embedded
              Preeti Panda, Nikil Dutt, Alexandru Nicolau, U.C.Irvine CA, USA

16:00 Panel Discussion
              How will Memory Issues Impact Synthesis for Embedded Systems-on-Silicon?
              Organizer: Nikil Dutt, U.C.Irvine CA, USA
              Panel Members:
              Paul Lippens, Philips, The Netherlands
              Vijay Nagasamy, VSIS, USA
              Roelof Salters, Philips, The Netherlands
              Norbert Wehn, Siemens, Germany
              Sven Wuytack, IMEC, Belgium

18:30 Banquet

Friday, September 19, 1997

8:30 Invited Talk
              "System-level Codesign : A New Industrial Revolution"
              Richard Taylor, Hewlett-Packard Labs, Bristol, UK

9:30 Session 5 : System-Level Synthesis and Design
Chair: Sanjiv Narayan, Ambit Design Systems, CA, USA

    5.1 Optimization Method for Broadband Modem FIR Filter Design using Common
              Subexpression Elimination,
              Robert Pasko, Daniela Durackova, Slovak Technical Univ, Slovakia
              Patrick Schaumont, Veerle Derudder, IMEC, Belgium
    5.2 Port Calling: A Transformation for Reducing I/O during Multi-Package
              Functional Partitioning,
              Frank Vahid, UC Riverside, CA, USA
    5.3 A Scheduling and Pipelining Algorithm for Hardware/Software Systems
              Smita Bakshi, Daniel Gajski, U.C.Irvine CA, USA

11:00 Focus Group

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Invited Talk
              "SDL Methodology for Real-Time Software Systems"
              Frank Gielen, Alcatel Telecom, Belgium

14:30 Session 6 : HW/SW specification and debugging
Chair: Bob Walker, Kent State Univ., OH, USA

    6.1 Co-Emulation and Debugging of HW/SW-Systems
              Gernot Koch, Udo Kebschull, Wolfgang Rosenstiel, Univ. Karlsruhe, Germany
    6.2 Synthesising Controllers from Real-Time Specifications
              Henning Dierks, Univ. of Oldenburg, Germany
    6.3 A Source-level Dynamic Analysis Methodology and Tool for High-level
              Chih-Tung Chen, Kayhan Kucukcakar, Motorola Inc., Tempe AZ, USA

16:00 Future Directions and Closing
17:00 Symposium Ends

                                                    Hotel Information

Make reservations directly with the Park Lane Hotel, Antwerp, mentioning
ISSS'97 to obtain the special low rates. Rates are guaranteed until August 26,
1997 after which reservations will be based on availability.

                  Park Lane Hotel
                  Van Eycklei 34,
                  2018 Antwerp, Belgium
                  e-mail: info@parklane.be

                  Tel: +32 (3) 285 85 85
                  Fax: +32 (3) 285 85 86

                  4950 BFr (about $140 with current conversion rate)
                  This includes breakfast and tax and all hotel services
                  The same price applies for single or double occupancy

                                            Registration Information

To register, please fill in the registration form and arrange a
direct payment (free of any bank charges) on the account number:
005-4359248-60, mentioning ISSS97 p/a IMEC. The SWIFT code is: CGAKBEBB.
The bank is: ASLK, Naamse steenweg 163, 3001 Leuven Belgium.
Mail the completed form to:

                                                Annemie Stas, ISSS'97
                                                Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Leuven, Belgium

Alternatively (preferably not) you can enclose the
appropriate fee in the form of a check (payable to "ISSS'97") in US dollars
which can be drawn on a Belgian bank (again without charges to us). The
advance registration fee must be received by August 8, 1997. Written requests
for refunds should be made prior to this date. After September 1, 1997, all
registrations will be processed only at the conference site. Registrations
cannot be accepted over phone, fax, email, or through credit-cards.

The conference fee includes all social events, lunches and breaks.
For further information, contact Annemie Stas at annemie@imec.be
Tel: +32 (16) 281-200; Fax: +32-16-281-515

For students, a number or travel fellowships are available (of about 300$),
sponsored by Alcatel Telecom, Antwerp.
Information is (and will be) made available at the ISSS'97 web page under
If you wish to apply for these fellowships, please send or e-mail a letter of
request with motivation of why you need support to Francky Catthoor at
catthoor@imec.be, IMEC, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Leuven, Belgium

                                            Symposium Proceedings

The symposium proceedings will be published by IEEE CS Press but will also be
available from ACM. Extra copies of the proceedings can be ordered from:

Customer Service Department
IEEE Computer Society Press
10662 Los Vaqueros Circle
P.O. Box 3014
Los Alamitos, California 90720
Tel: (714) 821-8380
Fax: (714) 821-4641
Email: cs.books@computer.org

          ------------------------- cut here --------------------------------

                                        ISSS'97 Registration Form

                                                        By August 8 1997 After August 8, 1997
                                                        ----------------- --------------------
              ACM/IEEE Members $ 330 $ 400
              Non-Members $ 420 $ 490
              Full-time Students $ 300 $ 330

          Name : __________________________________
          Affiliation : __________________________________
          Address : __________________________________

          Phone : ___________________
          Fax : ___________________
          Email : ___________________

          Special needs : _________________

          Total Amount Enclosed : US $ ____________
          (or transferred to the above mentioned account)
          ACM/IEEE Membership # : _________________
                                                          (reqd. if registering at ACM/IEEE rates)

          ------------------------- cut here --------------------------------

                                            Organizing Committee

  General Chair: Frank Vahid, UC Riverside
  Program Chair: Francky Catthoor, IMEC
  Publications Chair: Edwin Sha, Univ. Notre Dame
  Publicity Chair: Diederik Verkest, IMEC
  Panels Chair: Rudy Lauwereins, Univ. of Leuven
  Past Chair: Ahmed Jerraya, TIMA-CNRS, Grenoble
  Finance Chair: Annemie Stas, IMEC

                                      Technical Program Committee

  Marleen Ade, Univ. of Leuven Gaetano Borriello, Univ. Washington
  Raul Camposano, Synopsys Nikil Dutt, UC Irvine
  Rolf Ernst, Tech. Univ. Braunschweig Daniel Gajski, UC Irvine
  Cathy Gebotys, Univ. Waterloo Yu-Chin Hsu, Avant!
  Kayhan Kucukcakar, Motorola Fadi Kurdahi, UC Irvine
  Steve YL Lin, Tsing Hua Univ. Paul Lippens, Philips
  Jan Madsen, Tech. Univ. Denmark Lev Markov, Mentor Graphics
  Peter Marwedel, Univ. Dortmund Vijay Nagasamy, VSIS Inc.
  Yukihiro Nakamura, Kyoto Univ. Sanjiv Narayan, Ambit Design Systems
  Kevin O'Brien, Leda Pierre Paulin, SGS-Thomson
  Wolfgang Rosenstiel, Univ. Tubingen, FZI Edwin Sha, Univ. Notre Dame
  Leon Stok, IBM Donald Thomas, CMU
  Kazutoshi Wakabayashi, NEC Robert Walker, Kent State Univ.
  Wayne Wolf, Princeton

    ** Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society (DATC) and the ACM SIGDA **

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