Docs on architecture differences?

Geoffrey Elgey <>
4 Jul 1997 14:54:53 -0400

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Docs on architecture differences? (Geoffrey Elgey) (1997-07-04)
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From: Geoffrey Elgey <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 4 Jul 1997 14:54:53 -0400
Organization: Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Keywords: architecture, question, comment


Can someone point me to some documentation on the web that outlines the
differences in architecture between various platforms

Specifically, I'm after info on:
1. endianness
2. word sizes;
3. alignment;
4. parameter passing strategies (ie fixed assembly area, or records
passed by reference, etc)
5. Any other pertinent info for compiler back-end differences between
the various architectures.

Any info greatly appreciated.

[I have piles of manuals but little collected. If anyone tables like this,
it'd certainly be handy for the linkers and loaders book I'm writing. -John]

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