Announcement: ZPL, A New Language for Scientific and Engineering Computations

The ZPL Project <>
4 Jul 1997 14:49:51 -0400

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Announcement: ZPL, A New Language for Scientific and Engineering Compu (The ZPL Project) (1997-07-04)
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From: The ZPL Project <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 4 Jul 1997 14:49:51 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: parallel, arithmetic, available

        _/_/_/_/ _/_/_/ _/
                _/ _/ _/ _/ ZPL
            _/ _/ _/ _/
        _/ _/_/_/ _/ A New Language for
    _/ _/ _/ Scientific and
_/_/_/_/ _/ _/_/_/_/ Engineering Computations

>>>>>> <<<<<<

ZPL is a new array programming language designed from first
principles for fast execution on both sequential and parallel
computers. ZPL benefits from recent parallel compiler
research, though code from existing sequential Fortran and C
programs can often be reused. Programmers with scientific
computing experience can learn ZPL in a few hours.

CONVENIENCE: ZPL is an array language, so expressions like A+B
add whole arrays. ZPL has been called "parallel MATLAB."

PORTABILITY: ZPL programs are portable, compiling to ANSI C,
which is compiled to the target computer: Cray T3D & T3E,
Intel Paragon, IBM SP/2, SGI Power Challenge, workstation
clusters with PVM/MPI and sequential workstations are now

PERFORMANCE: ZPL programs run fast and are suitable for
compute-intensive scientific and engineering applications.

WYSIWYG PERFORMANCE: ZPL pioneers the concept of "WYSIWYG
performance," allowing programmers to conveniently write high
quality parallel programs without concern about the details of
the target computer.

COMPLETE SYSTEM: ZPL's facilities to assist programmers
include binary I/O, comprehensible compiler diagnostics,
tutorials, interfaces to run existing Fortran and C code,
aggressively optimizing compiler, interfaces to scientific
libraries, etc.

TRY IT: Use ZPL from the WWW without installing any software
at your site:

or download ZPL compiler binaries, language documents, sample
programs, etc. Documents and software available at no cost.

ZPL is a stable, spin-off system from the University of
Washington Computer Science and Engineering's ongoing Orca
Parallel Programming research project (L. Snyder, C. Lin, B.
Chamberlain, S-E. Choi, E. Lewis, J. Secosky, D. Weathersby).
It has been in use internally for three years and on other
campuses for a year.

For more information, contact us at:

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