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30 Jun 1997 22:51:52 -0400

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From: Roger Barnett <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 30 Jun 1997 22:51:52 -0400
Organization: Real Objects Ltd
Keywords: history (MikeGair) writes:
> I work with CORAL66 on DEC PDP-11s and am interested in the
> possibility of porting the code to another platform
> Does anybody know if there are any CORAL66 compilers currently
> available (for any platform).

As you probably know, the main source of CORAL 66 compilers was
Systems Designers Ltd in the UK. They became SD-Scicon and were then
taken over to form the main body of EDS in the UK.

When I was there in the late '80s I was working in the same division
as the CORAL people which was based in those days in their Camberley
office (which I think has now been relocated to Fleet or Odiham or
somewhere around there). At that time there were several CORAL
compilers available, mostly running on VAX/VMS and generating code for
that and embedded system processors (the latter compilers being part
of various cross-development products).

I don't know whether they have produced any new backends for the
current range of RISC processors (or even if EDS, not really a
products company) has done anything with these compilers. I do know
that several of the people who were working on CORAL were either moved
to other work or just discarded.

Still, if you call EDS in the UK they should be able to find someone
who is still supporting these products (with the emphasis on the word

> Are there any utilities which might help port it to a different
> language (probably Ada, Modula2, C or C++ but I'm not fussy)

As CORAL is on the Algol branch of programming languages the most
feasible target language would be C. We spoke to EDS about this after
we had written a C-generating compiler/translator for the RTL/2
language (which SD had inherited from SPL, and then passed onto us
before EDS arrived on the scene), but I don't think they saw a
sufficient market to justify the cost.
Roger Barnett
Natron Software Maintenance Ltd, York, England

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