New Alpha Performance Analysis Tools (Lance Berc)
20 Jun 1997 21:43:17 -0400

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New Alpha Performance Analysis Tools (1997-06-20)
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From: (Lance Berc)
Newsgroups: comp.arch,comp.sys.dec,comp.unix.osf.osf1,comp.compilers
Date: 20 Jun 1997 21:43:17 -0400
Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation, Systems Research Center
Keywords: tools, available

Version 2.2 of the DIGITAL Continuous Profiling Infrastructure, a
set of performance tools for Digital Alpha systems running Digital
Unix, is available for general use.

        The Digital Continuous Profiling Infrastructure for Digital Alpha
        platforms permits continuous low-overhead profiling of entire
        systems, including the kernel, user programs, drivers, and shared
        libraries. The system is efficient enough that it can be left
        running all the time, allowing it to be used to drive online
        profile-based optimizations for production systems.

        The Continuous Profiling Infrastructure maintains a database
        of profile information that is incrementally updated for every
        executable image that runs. A suite of profile analysis tools
        analyzes the profile information at various levels. At one extreme,
        the tools show what fraction of cpu cycles were spent executing
        the kernel and each user program. At the other extreme, the tools
        show how long a particular instruction stalls on average, e.g.,
        because of a D-cache miss.

DCPI runs under Digital Unix V3.2 and V4.x, with a port to WindowsNT
underway. It is free of charge.

Further information, including papers and man pages, can be found at:

The system was developed at Digital's Systems Research Center and
Western Research Laboratory, both in Palo Alto, California. A paper
describing the system, will appear at SOSP-16 in October.

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