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Thomas Vyskocil <>
10 Jun 1997 23:57:16 -0400

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From: Thomas Vyskocil <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,
Date: 10 Jun 1997 23:57:16 -0400
Organization: Dept. Informatik, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Keywords: linker, question

Hi everybody!

I'm trying to make an xcoff linker for the Oberon system
<> running on a PowerMac. As I
didn't find a complete documentation, I'm searching here for help!

My questions are about some values and their interpretation in some
xcoff datarecords:

What is the meaning of the storageclass value 107 in the symbol record
and what is the meaning of the relocation type entry 7936 in the
relocation entry?
-26358 means patch with 26 bit format
-28925 means patch with 16 bit format
  7936 probably means patch with 32 bit format
(I tried to guess that, but would prefer a reliable information about

Is there some free documentation about this topic available on the
internet? I didn't find anything worthful!

Now, when I'm trying to link the libmoto,(cmathlib from Motorola) what
I foud out is that every function symbol in libmoto points to a
functiondescriptor, containing
the function's address,
the function's TOC and
an empty environment pointer.

But during the linking process my linker creates two identical
functiondescriptors for the sine and cosine functions. Therefore, if
I try to jump to the cosine routine, it computes the sine value!(jump
to sine routine) So what did I do wrong? Is there some environment
stuff I didn't set? I'm quite confused!
H E L P !

I know this is very specific, but this is my last possibility to solve
this problem!

Thanks for any help in advance, :-)

Thomas Vyskocil
Elsastr. 17
8004 Zuerich

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