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4 Jun 1997 22:52:54 -0400

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From: (Chris Clark USG)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 4 Jun 1997 22:52:54 -0400
Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation - Marlboro, MA
References: 97-05-252 97-05-304
Keywords: parse

I looked up Tomita on the web found the parser I was mentioning.
From the text at,

> Task:
> Parse natural language sentences with given LR(0) grammars by an
> algorithm invented 1985 by Masaru Tomita (CMU)
> Description:
> The software constructs LR(0) parsing tables for arbitrary
> context free grammars, which you specify. It then processes
> any input you give it and displays the resulting parse forest
> and optionally the parse stack as well. The parse tables are
> also shown, if you requests it, since reference is made to
> them in the parse stack. One difference between this and
> Tomita's original algorithm is this algorithm has been
> modified into a dynamic programming algorithm, capable of
> handling all CFG's including cyclic grammars.

Although this is not *exactly* Earley's algorithm, the claims seem to
be approximately the same. Moreover, the use of an LR automaton
internally should remove much of the constant overhead.

-Chris Clark

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