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Laurent Sabarthez <>
31 May 1997 23:52:06 -0400

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From: Laurent Sabarthez <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 31 May 1997 23:52:06 -0400
Organization: I & G Com - Linguatech
References: 97-05-324
Keywords: storage, GC

Hello Rick,

Personally, I have two sources of information when it comes to implement
what you call "dynamic variables":

1) Oldies: most textbooks or papers on compilers dating back the
seventies were neither "malloc()"/"free()" nor "new" aware. You can
find interesting information in books like "Compiler Construction for
Digital Computers", by David Gries (John Wiley & Sons) -- a collector:
you had to be sure if your computer was a "digital" one, in those good
old days! "Crafting a Compiler with C", by Charles Fisher & Richard
LeBlanc (Benjamin Cummings). The reference to Knuth's book cited by
John falls into this category (with all the respect due to Professor
Emeritus Donald E. Knuth and his immense masterpiece).

2) Implementation reports: David Hanson, for example, published at
least three documents dealing (in part) with dynamic data structures:
"A portable storage management system for the Icon programming
language" in Software -- Practice & Experience, 10(6), pp. 489-500,
June 1980; the book about Lcc "A Retargetable C Compiler (?)" (I don't
have the references at hand); and "C Interfaces and Implementations",
by David Hanson (Addison Wesley). Actually, most Icon implementation
papers could be of interest to you, since Icon relies heavily on
dynamic strings.

Good luck!

Laurent Sabarthez
R&D Manager
I&G Com
A Bowne Global Solutions Company


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