Pizza 1.1 announcement

"Christian R. Salzmann" <>
30 May 1997 23:11:35 -0400

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Pizza 1.1 announcement (Christian R. Salzmann) (1997-05-30)
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From: "Christian R. Salzmann" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 30 May 1997 23:11:35 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: Java, available

Pizza 1.1 now available

We'd like to announce availability of Pizza 1.1, a strict superset of
Java 1.1, including support for inner classes. Pizza 1.1 also
incorporates four additional concepts, three of which are inherited
from the original Pizza language:

  - parametric polymorphism,
  - higher-order functions,
  - algebraic types, and
  - tail-recursion in constant space.

Pizza 1.1 is implemented on top of the JDK 1.1 development kit. The
Pizza compiler is a straight replacement for Sun's Java compiler,
javac. When compiling .java files, the Pizza compiler works just like
javac, except that it is up to 2 times faster for large programs.

An implementation of Pizza with a kernel library and some example
programs is available from


It will also soon (week following June 1st) be available from our
mirror sites:



Martin Odersky, University of South Australia,
Philip Wadler, Lucent Technologies,

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