lcc-win32: A free C compiler system for Windows 95/NT. (Jacob Navia)
30 May 1997 22:59:29 -0400

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lcc-win32: A free C compiler system for Windows 95/NT. (1997-05-30)
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From: (Jacob Navia)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 30 May 1997 22:59:29 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: C, available, Windows


Lcc-win32 is a free C compiler system that is centered around a
modified 'lcc'. See the book by Fraser and Hanson: 'A Retargetable C
Compiler', published by Benjamin/Cummings.

The lcc-win32 system consists of:
o The lcc compiler, with an added assembler and optimizer.
o A linker
o An editor/debugger
o A resource compiler
o A resource editor
o Several utilities like make, binary dumper, or others.

The performance of the compiler compares with that of commercial compilers
like MSVC/Borland.

The full set of MMX instructions is supported through intrinsics, no
assembly is required. Using this instructions, lcc-win32 is the
fastest compiler around of course, since other compilers do not
support them!

The sources of the compiler are distributed with the package.

You are invited to download the sources and binaries from:

More documentation can be found in the document that is shipped with
the package.

The 'license' terms are very reasonable:
No royalties (either expressed or implied) are due. This is the spirit of
free software.


Jacob Navia Logiciels/Informatique
41 rue Maurice Ravel Tel (1)
93430 Villetaneuse Fax (1)

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