Recursive calls to bison/flex

Akim Demaille <>
25 May 1997 13:44:40 -0400

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Recursive calls to bison/flex (Akim Demaille) (1997-05-25)
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From: Akim Demaille <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 25 May 1997 13:44:40 -0400
Organization: ENST, France
Keywords: parse, yacc, question


I am trying to make recursive calls to a parser, with no
success. The aim is something like this:

=== file 1 ===
struct foo is
<lots of things to define a dynamic structure>
end struct

=== file 2 ===
struct bar is
extension of foo
<other definitions>
end struct

The parser, as a side effect, drops the structure in a hash
table, with key "foo", or "bar". When it loads file 2, if foo is yet
read, everything is OK. But if foo isn't read, then I need to call
the parser from the parser, which will load foo into the hash table,
later used to be included in bar.

So the question is: how can I do this. This is not some kind
of #include, since this is not like extending the file 1 with file 2
in it.

Does somebody have an example of this? I am using bison and
flex which seem to be ready for this, though neither documentation
explains how to combine the particularities of these two GNU tools to
achieve this.


P-mail: Akim Demaille, 107 rue Bobillot, F-75013 Paris, France
V-mail: +33 (1) 45-81-78-68
[Bison has a reentrant parse option which lets you call the parser
recursively. It changes the calling sequence for yylex(). -John]


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