Re: JavaCC as a data translation tool?

Scott Stanchfield <>
16 May 1997 00:48:10 -0400

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From: Scott Stanchfield <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,
Date: 16 May 1997 00:48:10 -0400
Organization: scruz-net
References: 97-05-173
Keywords: tools, Java

Sure! (Ahhh! Finally! An enlightened programmer who sees that
parser generators aren't just for compilers! Kudos!)

Parser-generation tools like JavaCC, PCCTS (my fav -- plug plug!) and
yacc (say it like you've had too much to drink) are really good tools
for any type of structured text processing. (Of course there's a line
somewhere between the realm of programs that would be simpler in
straight perl, but if you need anything more than simple lexical
analysis, a parser-generator is a great tool for the job.)

Personally I prefer PCCTS, (probably partially because I know it well
and I'm writing a nifty debugger for it) but I've heard good things
about JavaCC as well.

For more info on JavaCC and PCCTS, see for javaCC for PCCTS

-- Scott

Henry B Kon wrote:
> Is it an appropriate use of JavaCC to create translators for data to
> move from one database to another. Often there are various
> conditionals and defaults and domain translations as data moves from
> one database to another.
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