Re: lisp exe compiler (Bernhard Pfahringer)
13 May 1997 22:40:53 -0400

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From: (Bernhard Pfahringer)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 13 May 1997 22:40:53 -0400
Organization: Computer Science, U of Waikato, NZ
References: 97-05-081
Keywords: Lisp

>I would like to know if there is a true lisp compiler, which generates
>executables, but a TRUE compiler, and not something that just puts the
>entire language in the compiler ?
>[I've never seen a Lisp that compiled stand-alone executables. Dunno
>why not. -John]

The new release of Harlequin's LispWorks 4.0 might be the closest you
can get to. (
It can produce stand-alone Windows apps that you can freely distribute
without having to pay any royality fees.

Here is a quote from comp.lang.lisp about .EXE sizes:

>Hello world (text) 2.9 MB
>Hello world (popup window) 3.6 MB
>Othello (windowed application) 4.2 MB
>These are .EXE sizes, generated on Windows 95.

Hope that helps,
Bernhard Pfahringer

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