Re: question on books about 'modern' compilers

Allyn Dimock <>
8 May 1997 21:31:34 -0400

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From: Allyn Dimock <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 8 May 1997 21:31:34 -0400
Organization: Division of Applied Sciences, Harvard University
References: 97-05-057
Keywords: books, Java

Niall Dalton <> writes:

> ...
> read? I remember seeing a reference to a book about writing compilers
> in java. Could someone point me in the direction of this?

I believe that Andrew Appel has just published such a book, "Modern
Compiler Implementation in Java" -- See his homepage

> Btw, I'm interested in functional and logic languages as well as
> imperative ones.

For lazy (Haskell-like) functional languages, see the texts by
Simon Peyton-Jones "The Implementation of Functional Programming
Languages" and "Implementing Functional Languages" (the second is a
project book), both Prentice-Hall

For implementations of ML, try Andrew Appel "Compiling with
Continuations" Cambridge Press, which examines the SML/NJ 0.75
compiler in reasonable detail. Or Xavier Leroy. "The ZINC experiment,
an economical implementation of the ML language", INRIA Technical
report, about implementation of a predecessor of CAML-Light, available
off Leroy's home page

For Scheme, see tech reports by Steele on the Rabbit Compiler and by
Kranz et al on the Orbit Compiler.

For logic programming, see Hassan Ait-Kaci "Warren's Abstract Machine:
A Tutorial Reconstruction" MIT Press. There must be more but I am not
familiar with the field.


-- Allyn Dimock

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