ANNOUNCE - Fast Code Coverage Tool

Janel Garvin <>
8 May 1997 21:27:24 -0400

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ANNOUNCE - Fast Code Coverage Tool (Janel Garvin) (1997-05-08)
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From: Janel Garvin <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 8 May 1997 21:27:24 -0400
Organization: Tracepoint/DIGITAL
Keywords: testing, tools, available

ANNOUNCING - TestTrack, Fast Code Coverage Tool for 32-bit Windows Apps

TracePoint Technology has just opened the beta for TestTrack - an
advanced code coverage tool that analyses test results and identifies
areas in your code that have not been tested. Since TestTrack works
on compiled and linked binary code (no source code or obj files
required), there=92s no need for recompiling or preprocessing so the
entire process is dramatically quicker than with past generation
tools. TestTrack analyzes and reports on coverage of several
different types including; function coverage, class coverage, line
coverage, branch coverage, multiple condition coverage, call-pair
coverage and more. TestTrack allows you to selectively exclude
portions of the code base , if desired, so you can analyze only those
portions of an app that concern you. A robust and intuitive GUI
displays results in "live" pie charts or bar graphs that let you drill
down into the code represented with just a mouse click, extensive
reporting capabilities include the ability to publish reports in html,
and a powerful merge function allows you to merge the results of
several test runs for total coverage analysis. In addition, TestTrack
identifies dead code in your app which is no longer used but which can
slow performance and bloat program size.

An evaluation copy of the latest TestTrack beta is available for free
download from TracePoint at TestTrack works on
32-bit apps generated with VC++ 2.x - 5.0.

TracePoint is a recent spin-off of DIGITAL Equipment Corp, whose
mission is to create and market advanced development tools for 32-bit
Windows apps. For further information on TracePoint visit our web
site or call 888-688-2504.

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