Parallel Tools Consortium Annual Meeting (Ken Ferschweiler)
6 May 1997 22:24:31 -0400

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Parallel Tools Consortium Annual Meeting (1997-05-06)
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From: (Ken Ferschweiler)
Newsgroups: comp.parallel,comp.compilers
Date: 6 May 1997 22:24:31 -0400
Organization: Network for Education and Research in Oregon
Keywords: conference, parallel

                                                    CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                                                  Parallel Tools Consortium
                                              Fourth Annual General Meeting
                                                            June 9-11, 1997
                                    National Center for Atmospheric Research
                                                    Boulder, Colorado, USA

                            *** Early Registration Deadline: May 8, 1997 ***
                                                (Note hotel space is limited
                                                      so register early!)


                              Attention: Users of Parallel Machines

We would like to encourage you to attend the fourth annual 2.5-day meeting
sponsored by the non-profit Parallel Tools Consortium (Ptools). The latest
information on the meeting including registration and local arrangements can
be found on the Ptools website at

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in better software support for parallel computing is
encouraged to attend. This includes tool users and developers from national
laboratories, supercomputing centers, universities, computer manufacturers,
software vendors, and industrial and government sites engaged in parallel
computing. The consortium is particularly eager to involve users who are
willing to discuss their requirements for software tools.

About the Ptools Consortium
The Consortium was formed in 1993 to encourage the development and use of
truly useful software tools for parallel machines. Despite large investments
that vendors have put into such tools, we have found that many gather dust
because they are not intuitive, they are cumbersome to use and difficult to
learn, and they are not standard across platforms.

Since our founding, the Consortium has sponsored the development of a variety
of tools. Prototypes of these tools are freely available, and some are being
adopted by vendors for commercial release. At the 1996 annual meeting,
attendees identified several new areas where tools are lacking. We have
pursued the most popular ideas, and we would like to report to you on our
progress and get your suggestions for improvements, in addition to giving you
an update on the existing tools.

All of the major vendors (HP/Convex, IBM, Intel, SGI/Cray Research, Digital,
The Portland Group, etc.) will attend the meeting. These will be technical
folks, not marketing people, and they will be anxious to obtain your
opinions. We believe that this is the most important function of the
Consortium and for our annual meetings--to bring together users and
developers to discuss tool requirements in the real world.

Consortium groups work on tool projects that respond to demonstrable user
needs. Four Ptools projects have already been completed and new projects are
under way. Membership in the Ptools Consortium is open to anyone interested
in parallel programming tools. For more information about the consortium, see
the World Wide Web at:


This year's annual meeting will feature presentations on completed and new
Ptools projects and breakout sessions where users will help to set the
directions for ongoing work. Tool developers and researchers will present
posters and demos of their current work.

If you would like a say in the types of software tools for parallelism you
will be seeing soon, plan to come to beautiful Colorado in June! Complete
details are available on the Ptools website.

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