Yacc/bison, and flex emacs modes

"Tom Hampton" <hampton@ksu.edu>
18 Apr 1997 01:34:47 -0400

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Yacc/bison, and flex emacs modes hampton@ksu.edu (Tom Hampton) (1997-04-18)
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From: "Tom Hampton" <hampton@ksu.edu>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 18 Apr 1997 01:34:47 -0400
Organization: Kansas State University
Keywords: tools, yacc, question


As the subject suggests, I am looking for emacs modes for editing
Yacc, and lex files. I have found bison-mode.el, however, it seems to
be *very* buggy in

emacs 19.34. Does anyone know of such modes?

If not, what do you other yacc/lex people out there use for editing
code? There must be a few emacs mavens who write yacc and lex code?

Thanks in advance.
[I just use C mode, it's close enough. -John]


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